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  1. Hev_Leo27

    doubt on Forex Trading

    Wait, if you're friend is in the US, why don't they just open an account somewhere where it's allowed to? I'm in the US and I'm able to trade without a issue.
  2. Hev_Leo27

    Forex on platforms like OctaFx

    I would advise you to be careful if you're using OctaFX like you mentioned in the title. I have seen a TON of scam reports recently where they are blocking withdrawals. Some of those may be warranted but they don't seem trustworthy to me.
  3. Hev_Leo27

    What do you prefer: using mobile apps or desktop for trading? Which is your favourite platform?

    Desktop trading is my favorite to be honest. It's a lot easier to pay attention. However, I have kids and I'm always running around, so I'll take mobile trading when I have to.
  4. Hev_Leo27

    Trading and Training

    I think people get excited because they think they've found an answer - someone or something to trade for them effort free. People don't want to put in the time or they think it's too hard to learn, but then they see these too good to be true scams and want to believe in them so badly.
  5. Hev_Leo27

    What games are you playing at the moment?

    I was hoping to be playing Hogwart's Legacy by now but it still hasn't been released.
  6. Hev_Leo27

    Learn Forex

    Everyone should start on demo. Most brokers have them available, so it isn't difficult to get started.
  7. Hev_Leo27

    new guy here

    Hello and welcome! I'm glad you decided to join, it's always nice to see new faces around. :)
  8. Hev_Leo27

    different between crypto trading and forex trading?

    I love trading both, started with a small account for forex and expanded to trading crypto after I got more used to it. I like the opportunities that both offer, crypto can be more volatile but can be rewarding.
  9. Hev_Leo27

    How do I withdraw money from forex?

    Withdrawal methods, requesting them, and timeframe can differ by broker. I've always preferred either bank transfer or BTC withdrawals. Have to say BTC is nice when you don't want to wait around.
  10. Hev_Leo27

    When most others oppose a very strong conviction of yours

    We all have the tools at our disposal to become rich in life. Yes, there are some that don't have as many opportunities, maybe you can't afford college for example, but there are still opportunities out there. Others might say you'll never get there but you just have to focus and never give up...
  11. Hev_Leo27

    Need Suggestions!

    Don't waste your money on courses or mentors, stick to forums like this one, YouTube, and primarily Babypips and you can learn everything you need to know. Then find a good broker and open a demo account, keep a trading journal, and prepare yourself for the psychological differences between...
  12. Hev_Leo27

    Thank you Traderji and my fellow traders

    Hi! I hope you continue to come back to post here and there. :)
  13. Hev_Leo27

    Heed the call, newbies!!! Space for doubts to be answered

    Welcome to the site! I agree with your comment about how many traders have wasted money on courses or mentors that just didn't help that much. I never personally invested in learning because all of the information is available online for free, in my opinion. As for becoming a consistently...
  14. Hev_Leo27

    Just saying Hello...

    Hi! Glad to see that you decided to join. How are things going?
  15. Hev_Leo27

    Recovering My losses

    How are things going?
  16. Hev_Leo27


    Hello! Glad you decided to join the forum.
  17. Hev_Leo27

    Save or double money

    I think people should always have some money in savings - you never know when you might have car trouble, get laid off, or run into some sort of financial emergency. I also think it's important to invest. The issue is figuring out how much money to give to either or.
  18. Hev_Leo27

    The Importance of Trading Psychology

    I think being aware of trading psychology is the first step to avoid falling victim to common themes like revenge trading, overtrading, analysis paralysis, and so on and so on.
  19. Hev_Leo27

    Angel one sucks, stay away from this broker

    Hate to hear this, there are a lot of shady brokers out there. Hopefully your family member doesn't give up on trading for good after this experience. If not, tell them to check Forex Peace Army before they choose another broker, there are a lot of scam reports there and it's a great way to...