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    Trading with Emotions

    You will always trade with emotions unless you suffer from anti-social personality disorder. We are not robots. Our jobs though, are to manage our emotions when we trade.
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    different between crypto trading and forex trading?

    Forex is many magnitudes larger than crypto so it tends to be less volatile. That can be seen as a good and bad thing for traders.
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    luck based trading

    Define "luck". If you are gambling and doing nothing to increase your chances then by luck based trading you mean losing trading. But trading by its very nature is probabilistic. There are no certainties in trading.
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    Need Suggestions!

    Urgh, you don't "invest" you trade it which is more like a job. The investment is in your own education and practice.
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    How to Avoid Forex Losses In Forex Trading?

    The best way to avoid losses is to not trade. Much in the same way the best way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. There is risk involved. Your job is to manage that.
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    What do you think about ETH miners?

    If the miner can be configured to be used on another POW coin then cool but pointless for ETH now. POS is far better as it makes the space more decentralised.
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    More than enough information on the internet to get you well on your way. Don't pay for the basics. Forums also offer accountability too so even less need.
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    What business to start for extra income and future prospects?

    One of the most sought after professions at the moment is coding. Learn to code and you can start a business creating websites, working on crypto projects and far beyond that. It's a field that will certainly open doors for you.
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    Thank you Traderji and my fellow traders

    Great to have a place to use as a sound board both about trading and about the impact trading can have on your life both positive and negative. It can be a lonely pursuit.
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    Looser to disciplined looser

    Completely come off of live trading for now. Demo is where you need to be to objectively produce a strategy with an edge. This can only be done by robotically taking trades that fit your criteria both back testing and forward testing. You will not be able to see if you objectively have an edge...
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    Self trading or broker??

    I've never used a broker that tells me to do anything. They are simply a point of access to the markets if I want to trade CFDs. Even if I trade spot I still need to do so via an exchange.
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    Hello, great to be on this forum

    Hi and welcome. How has your year been so far?
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    How safe is Forex Trading?

    Forex and all trading is based on probabilities and therefore it will never be risk free. But you can reduce your risk by getting a good education, practice and ensuring you use solid risk management strategies.
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    Forex trading

    That's like asking how is trading of any kind profitable? You buy lower than you sell or your short sell.
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    Forex on platforms like OctaFx

    If you have issues with legality check the regulators in India and ensure that the broker is regulated by them
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    Regulation of Cryptocurrency

    I think the regulators need to bring in new blood if they do because if they are anything like HMRC in the UK related to tax then they haven't got a clue.
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    Why I Bought Bitcoin

    Take the time to understand it and then use risk capital. Do that and you're solid.
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    Guessing the OP isn't around anymore?
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Mechanical trading plans are the way forward for this. Treat it like a science experiment. How can you possibly have controls if you are changing many things at the same time. It is simply vital for useful results that you work in a methodical and structured manner else you are just winging it...
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    Tips on Money Management

    Imperative to understand the value of proper money management and how it dovetails with risk management. I must say I don't know many who have successfully used a martingale system long term. They have always gone bust that I am aware of at some point.