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    Kotak Securities with new Discount Offer 20222

    I am new with the zero brokerage plan of Kotak Securities. It’s the cheapest, no doubt and no match with others on that front but what I lack are # Independent trading platform and everything is browser based. That is so annoying. # Today only, I found one of my trades got closed at market...
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    Scalping nse futures

    Can anybody please recommend a good SCALPER FRIENDLY broker for online NSE Futures trading? In other words, I need lowest possible brokerage (FLAT RATE Preferred) and allied expenses, high exposure (Something like 20-50 times), quick execution, prefer none/LOWEST possible ADVANCE BROKERAGE...
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    Reliance Money Reviews

    Options Turnover Calculation at RelianceMoney Guys- I am somewhat confused at the way turnover is calculated at RelianceMoney in respect of options. Everytime I trade options, the system deducts a turnover in a close resemblance to futures. For example if I buy some NIFTY option at 220 premium...
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    Reliance Money Reviews

    I used AXIS Bank (earlier UTI Bank) and there was absolutely not a problem and in fact, the fund was added to the equity in a fraction of a second by iConnect. After reading the horror stories in the major newspapers including goons etc about ICICI Credit Card, problem with ICICI Bank accounts...
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    Reliance Money Reviews

    Does withdrawal work with RMoney easily?
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    option trading strategy

    Getting interested in knowing more about RK Global. Would appreciate your kind feedback regarding trading (rather scalping) in options. 1. Apart from Rs 8 each turn, STT and stamp duty, are there any other fees, charges etc? 2. Is it fast to execute orders? 3. Do we need to fill in/click many...
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    option trading strategy

    Hi Rajib- I have been trying to scalp intraday NIFTY options recently and I find sometimes the abnormal rise in spread e.g. Rs 2 to Rs 10 is becoming a sure-killer for my trades. In scalping, I don't have probably a choice but to place MARKET orders. Another problem is that filling in the...
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    OPTIONS - more volume needed!

    Has it been profitable to you so far? What platform are you using?
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    Reliance Money Reviews

    I heard that ICICIbrokerage recently reduced their brokerage. Is the brokerage same or pretty close for intraday squareoff of options? How are the intraday technical charts in ICICI? Is order execution in ICICI very quick?
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    BEST Online broker For a day trader

    Hi Sunando- I just opened an account with RM and interested in derivatives. Today was my first day. Reaching their cust. support was very difficult from Kolkata over STD and was of long waiting too. Can you advise me something regarding this? The speed of execution is extremely slow. I am a...
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    Reliance Money customer support

    I am a new guy in this forum. I recently opened an account with RM for trading primarily in F & O segment. Reaching the customer support guys is a real pain - I have to wait about 10 mins at least for an operator. They only have a local Mumbai number and I have to call them by STD from Kolkata...