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  1. Saiyyed Rafik

    hellow all the traders

    Hello and welcome to the world of Forex. I would like to say that you should start gaining knowledge regarding the Forex and its Market. Also you should collect information regarding various broker and choose one to start trading. I have been trading with my current broker since 3 years and I...
  2. Saiyyed Rafik


    Hello and Welcome to the world of Forex John. Well I prefer Forex Trading more than stock trading I have earned a lot through my broker in Forex Trading and still I am earning.
  3. Saiyyed Rafik

    My demo trading (Path to success )

    Demo is the best source for gaining the knowledge regarding various aspects of Forex trading and its best part is that it is risk free. All you need to do is to select a good broker and open a demo account and you are ready to go. I have started trading with my current broker since 3 years and I...
  4. Saiyyed Rafik

    trusted broker?

    Thats a good point but suppose if you choose a server which never has trouble than you can make use of every opportunities you got. I have been trading with my broker since 3 years and never face such difficulties.
  5. Saiyyed Rafik

    From Where to Start ?

    Also you should consider the selection of the best broker. Brokers play vital role in earning and I have experienced that. I have lose lots of money previously but after I changed my broker and select my current broker I have earned a lot.
  6. Saiyyed Rafik

    How did I make profits after consistent loss

    I have incurred much loss previously but as and when I have changed my broker and selected my current broker I have earned a lot.
  7. Saiyyed Rafik

    trusted broker?

    Trust is created by constant trading and constant earning. There are many trusted brokers which are available in market. You should choose amongst them after proper analysis. I trust my broker very much and I could rely on them totally.
  8. Saiyyed Rafik

    Can EUR/USD be traded in India

    You can trade pairs only which are with INR, For Example Eur/INR, GBP/INR, USD/INR and so on.
  9. Saiyyed Rafik


    We have (Indians ) strict rules and regulation about trading. If you really want to do Forex trading then you can open account with your friends or relatives who lives outside India.
  10. Saiyyed Rafik

    trusted broker?

    Few tips to keep ion mind before you choose the broker, Check the regulation first then check the reviews about them on Internet.
  11. Saiyyed Rafik


    I do agree with throwawayacc123, But your idea to open account from another country is also good, few tips for you.......... Dont take Forex trading lightly as you are doing now, take some proper knowledge about forex first and babypips is good to learn about forex. Use demo first before...
  12. Saiyyed Rafik

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to traderji JPK35, Fee free to share your views and thoughts about trading with us.
  13. Saiyyed Rafik


    No matter Paypal take high fees or not but still Paypal is the easy and safest way to receive funds.
  14. Saiyyed Rafik


    80% Brokers does not support Paypal bro, Paypal has hard rules and regulation about Forex.
  15. Saiyyed Rafik


    Hotoforex does not support Paypal so you will go with either Skrill or Neteller.
  16. Saiyyed Rafik


    I`m sure and agree with your post at HF don't have office in India.
  17. Saiyyed Rafik


    Sorry Lol that was mistake I meant RBI :(
  18. Saiyyed Rafik

    Am I ready to go live or should I test my system a little longer for a while.

    Totally disagreed with you, Demo Trading is heart of Forex Trading. without practising on demo you cant go to live trading.
  19. Saiyyed Rafik


    Sorry Bro, I cant share email id or phone number due to Security reason :(. Dont want to get fu**ed by IRB.
  20. Saiyyed Rafik


    Dont ever try that bro or you will f**ked by IRB for sure.