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    Help my MACD Condition AFL , please

    Try this line instead... GfxTextOut( WriteIf( MACDHIghBullish , "HIGH Bullish Condition", "" ), 30, 27 ); Cheers!
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    Best Brokerage For Intraday

    I paying 1p for both intraday & delivery, for option 35 flat... servies provides since 1996 direct odin for all segment... its really good.... past i wer shifted frm reliance , sharekn & bonanza.....any one wan same service mail livesant [at] yahoo [dot] com
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    Jawahar from chennai

    welcome jawahar!!!For ur quires on MCX& NSE & guidance mail me livesant at yahoo dot com
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    HI to all

    hiiii welcome~~!!
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    hi welcome!!
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    hi welcome!!!!!!!!!
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    Raligare equity trading online r-ace!help

    hii mail ur quries to livesant at yahoo dot com
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    hi welcome....
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    lowest brokerage in commodities

    im with for intraday & futures @ 1p and options flat 40 & delivery @ .15P details livesant at yahoo dot com and swslindia dot com
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    Sub-Broker/Franchisee Details

    if u want to open @ south indian location contact livesant [at] yahoo dot com
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    My Trading days Starts

    Try to know about technical analysis for equity or commodity...
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    mcx commodity trading

    can u give me ur yahoo r gtalk id...
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    mcx commodity trading

    Any one suggest me PLZ...i bought zinc @107.5... now level very volatile..... can i hold or sell as loss... kindly suggest me..