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  1. patrader

    About position sizing

    Suppose my trade risk is 1% of capital for intraday. Now if there is some set up I am not very confident of, then is it ok to enter that set up with position sizing of 0.5% trade risk? I mean is it ok with respect to Money Management? Or is it a must that one needs to take all trades with same...
  2. patrader

    My PA learning from live trading...

    Hi all, I have been learning for some time now and started intraday 2 months ago. I get many questions while trading live so thought would start a thread so as expereinced intrday traders would share their experinces. 1) Yesterday when price was not moving in my favour, i tightened...
  3. patrader

    Brokerage and other charges in Intraday

    Hi, to all those who are consistently profitable in intraday in equity/futures, on average what percent of your profits goes towards (Brokerage + STT + Ser. Tax + Stamp duty + Turnover charges + SEBI Fee) Regards Patrader.
  4. patrader

    Whats going on with Truedata?

    Hi, Last month, one entire day was wasted as Truedata didnt work. Not only their charts, but even their support guys froze.... Today, again it is facing problems. No backfill, morover even existing candles are lost after backfill and current candle becomes the first candle. So i renamed...
  5. patrader

    About NOW

    Whats the reason NOW doesnt have SL market order?
  6. patrader

    Any good free/paid screen recording software?

    Hi, I am looking for a screen recording software that would create video of my screen activity. Anybody using such software please suggest ones that work well. I heard free software comes with some malware. If someone is using free one which comes without any risk please let me know. And...
  7. patrader

    Some basic questions about Ami

    Hi, I have some basic questions about Ami and request Ami users to answer. 1) How do i see which database Ami has currently displaying from? 2) If certain database is big and I want to delete some particular data from it, how do i do it? In that particular database folder, it only...
  8. patrader

    What happened to Learn to Fish thread?

    Hi, logged in after some gap and am unable to find the thread started by Vjay Learn To Fish. What happened to it?
  9. patrader

    What are these dashes?

    What are these dashes in place of candles? It is chart of Niftybees. It was showing in 3 min chart so I came to 1 min and still its there.