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    Getbhavcopy is not working

    since two to three days facing problem with data down loading with getbhacopy. screen shot is attached. can any one suggest any solution to overcome it problem with nse web site?I had down loaded ABCD from josh many days before same problem there too. can any one suggest how can I get...
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    get bhavcopy not working today

    can any one plzz provide eod datas of nse for today as getbhavcopy is not working...thanx in advance..BIJOY
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    correction imminent for indian stock market

    indian stock market is poised for correction.Of course stock market is bullish...this year...good chance for buying at lower level
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    bharti telecom(old)

    My friend is having 100 shares of bharti telecom(old)He wants to sell those stocks.Any one willing to buy?So far i know company is buying those stocks at a price more than Rs 3500..any one interested plzz let me know .Bijoy
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    Get bhav copy not working since 4 th march

    many of the members of this form use getbahvcopy of Hemen kapadia for downloading eod datas from nse.The software is not working since 4th march..reallly we are handicapped now.Can any one suggest alternate software for downloading eod datas.
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    My chart

    Will hindunilvr correct to 356..367 seems to be imminent
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    what is the problem with this afl

    friends can any one find out what is the problem with below exploration is giving absurd results.. The Close Price crosses above the Simple MA (Long) on the current bar */ Filter = Cross( Close, MA( Close, 50 ) ); AddColumn( Close, "Close " ); AddColumn( Open, "Open " )...
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    Gannalyst professional5.0

    Gannalyst professional 5.0 seems to be a good free software.It seems to be supporting datas in metastock and csv format.would any senior member advise how to configure it for indian stock market.I have tried but not succeeding ..Any suggestion plzz.The software can be downloaded from
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    nse stocks in amibroker sectorwise distributed.

    hii everybody i have been member of since last three years..i am facing a small problem which i am unable to solve.would any senior membe take interest in helping me..which will certainly help the other user of amibroker also..i have alll the nse stocks in my amibroker data...
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    Mdp data base setting.

    MDP is recommending data base setting to kept at 250000..however load factor of amibroker crossing the critical limit.even it is rising to900...bars are displayed no doubt..but the performance of amibroker is getting affected..there is nosmooth running of amibroker..i am using latest version of...
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    Investatr software for fundamental and technical anlysis....

    Friends..At present i am using investar software for fundamental analysis of stocks from nse and bse....presently..It seems to be a good offers trial version also..i would like to hear from senior members of this far its auto analysis of stocks is admit...
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    how to combine different indicators efficiently to generate buy and sell signals

    Hiiii everybody...i m from bhilai..i have been member of this since many days i m learning much from this site...would any senior member help me how to generate buy and selll signals efficiently by combining different indicators i would like to say that i do use free...
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    trade tiger of share khan.

    i have trade tiger of share khan installed on my computer..i am facing lot of problems while drawing retracement lines on the EOD well as INTRADAY CHARTS...retracement pop up window is appearing frequently..can any one explain clearly how to draw the retracement lines ..on these charts..