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  1. megapixel

    any OI chart for Stock Options ?

    guys, anyone have found any tool / website to track Open Interest for Stock Options. i.e OI chart for Stock Options. Thanks for your time.
  2. megapixel

    Anyone using Edelweiss Mobile Trader - Comm ?

    anyone using Edelweiss Mobile Trader - Comm ? Link : Can you please check if we can set price trigger alert ( email & sms ) on scrips of NCDEX ?
  3. megapixel

    gap up/gap down stocks from where ?

    any website to find live gap up/gap down stock list on the start of the day (NSE/BSE)? moneycontrol does not show that (although it has a menu..does not work)
  4. megapixel

    any website to scan gap up/down

    freiends, any cool website to scan gap up/down in NSE/BSE ? EOD gap up/down is also fine. thanks
  5. megapixel

    any website for daily Market Report to email

    any website which sends daily Market Report to email id ? By Market Data I mean ..reports on Price Shocker , Volume Shocker , Top 5 gainers , Circuit Stocks , Breakout reports likewise. Are you aware of any website which does this ? I am looking for historical records of these data. Is...
  6. megapixel

    Where to find correct book value of a company ?

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  7. megapixel

    NCDEX Profit/Loss calculator

    anybody have come across any online NCDEX Profit/Loss calculator ?
  8. megapixel

    Portfolio Exit

    I wish to exit portfolio at market order....instead of exiting holding one by one. Is there any platform which has this facility? may be there could have been a button select all - exit all in portfolio holding Is there any broker & platform gives this facility ?
  9. megapixel

    How to use sharekhan Bracket Order ?

    How to use Sharekhan Bracket order screen ? What is Book Profit Trigger price , Limit Loss To in this screen shot ? If anyone can provide an example price input in this screen ...will be helpful.
  10. megapixel

    TradeTiger Chart issue

    Hello friends , Is it possible to highlight an area in chart with a rectangle box in TradeTiger?. Is there any zone highlight kind of tool in tradetiger ? Thanks
  11. megapixel

    free chart

    anybody have come across NCDEX/MCX daily , weekly , monthly free charts in the internet ?
  12. megapixel

    eSignal quote

    Can we get NSE Nifty Future quote (delayed) from eSignal ? I have quote for spot nifty..... looking for Nifty Future quote link from eSignal .
  13. megapixel

    Issue with Sharekhan

    Hi, How to download Contract Notes from Sharekhan's backoffice. I contacted their Customer Care Toll Free number .... They could not tell. Is it not possible to download ECN notes from backoffice ?
  14. megapixel

    daily candle price updating in real time

    Is there any website where I may get daily candles in real time price ? Example: Say today is 26-Aug-2014 ..I'm looking at Reliance Daily chart ...I want to see today's candle with real time price updates.
  15. megapixel

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger

    how to mark S/R zone as colored rectangle on Share khan's Trade Tiger chart ? I dont find any such tool there. Is it possible ?
  16. megapixel

    How to buy CBLO ?

    How to buy CBLO ..Collateralised Borrowing & Lending Obligation (CBLO) ?
  17. megapixel

    BSE EOD data

    Hi, Is it possible to download BSE EOD data of last 3 years ? I looked at bseindia seems this let you download bhabcopy data of a specific date. I am trying to download 3 years all BSE scrips EOD data into Amibroker . Is there any easy approach ?
  18. megapixel

    Sharekhan Mutual Fund confusion

    Sharekhan has MF-IN-DEMAT to buy/sell mutual fund. Can anyone please explain what is this ? Is it a NSE approved thing ? ....or this is a Sharekhan invented stuff. Is it already in the practice ? never heard of this earlier. Also in terms & condition they have a EUIN box to be checked...
  19. megapixel

    Looking for a broker who has best back-office solution

    Frustrated with broker's back-office. Please suggest me a broker who has the best back-office solution. I would like to open a new account. Please suggest if you have experience with it. must criteria: ----------- 1. back office should be up & running complaint/delay in payout...
  20. megapixel

    any ODIN user ?

    anybody using ODIN ? What timeframe chart it opens by default when you click press CTRL + I ? intraday ? daily or what ?