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    Naked Strangles in weekly Bank Nifty

    Dear TJ members, I want to start a discussion on naked strangles on weekly bank nifty. Here are my thoughts: Strategy: Sell ATM next weekly expiry bank nifty call and put options on Friday and cover it on Monday. That's it... Care to avoid event days like elections etc....if open gap up and...
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    How to prevent money leakages

    Hi all, This topic is completely unrelated to trading. So there is this thing, I earn a lot but some there is always some leakage in my bank balance which doesn't allow my money to accumulate. There is always some unforseen expense or the other. For example last month I suddenly realized that...
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    How to become a full time trader

    Hi all. First of all a brief intro about my profile and background. I am a MBA fin working in an NBFC at low double digit annual CTC with not much bright prospects of a career growth. I have a working wife and a kid and live in a rented house. I have learning TA from past 3 years and learning...
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    Job as a algo trader

    Hi, I searching for a job as a algo trader. What all profiles and what kind if skill set does one need to have. Anybody any experience in this field please through some light on the subject. Sent from my AO5510 using Tapatalk
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    Copper is Angel and not Human :)

    Hi All, I am starting this thread (and hope to continue) for learning and commenting purposes. The idea to generate cash flows for a non day trader person who has a day job but he can monitor trades on hourly basis. I believe most of the systems (non option) works well on trending...
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    LLP or Partnership

    Hi all, I know this is not the forum for this question but still since we have one of the most knowledgeable gathering I am asking this question. I want to start a business in partnership of my friend. What sort of structure shall I start with. Its a normal traditional business and not a new...
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    Part-time work for money

    Hi guys, I am usually free from 6pm ownwars, so I need some suggestions regarding some work from home or online types of part time work in order to earn 3/4k per month to build some risk capital. I have extensive financial modelling, excel and online skills Thanks in advance
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    Notes to myself Thoughts on Day/Swing Trading Part 2 <b>P-1 or 2 Bars Entry</b> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Today I will share an entry technique which is my favourite entry technique for getting in......
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    Swing trading for stocks

    Hi, I would first like to thank all the members for helping out each other. I have a quick query, didn't wanted to open a thread for this but couldn't figure out where to ask this. Right now I am trading stocks both swing and positional. The issue is that I do not have sufficient capital, so...
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    Increased Heart beat and lost of breath

    I have started to day trade from yesterday, but I was uneasy during the entire process. i kept looking the price and was nervous. I had properly tested my sytem earlier and its has proper entries, exits ans Sl. Even yesterday was a good day, but I am worried about being nervous, my heart beat...
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    What happens if your broker dupes you of your margin money

    I have a query ... What happens if the brokers takes your margin money there any redressal or safety against this ... Imagine you deposit 1000000 margin to a new broker offering a irresistible offer and taking this money from 10 clients that will be 10L and then running away from...