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  1. Tuna

    Nifty 2018 - Useless Trades, Useless Thread - Tuna

    Starting the new thread. Time is really limited now compared to last few years. So posts will be crisp. Folks from the Star Fishery will understand the logic of trades and probably find something useful. Otherwise this is not a thread to watch.
  2. Tuna

    Can you see the future? Hands on Techno Charts !

    Enough of theory classes with The FakeTrader (that's me). How about some hands on? On this thread I will put some random chart (which can be from Equity or Comodity or Even Index. The name of the instrument will be hidden and the any other information which can let us identify the underlying...
  3. Tuna

    (MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade

    Hey Guys, Long time since I started any thread. Primarily last 2 months were hell at the workplace. It rarely happened (well, unless the account was blown) that I am not trading in Nifty for a whole month. But the necessity of the mother of something, I forgot what it is. I never ventured on...
  4. Tuna

    Slowest Broker Platform

    Guys, Need 2 Info: In case you have trading accounts with multiple brokerage houses or trading platforms - which is the slowest or showing Lag even say by 1-2 secs on the ticks comparted to others. Is there any brokerage houses in India which allows overnight SL, regardless market gaping up...
  5. Tuna

    Nifty 2017

    Hi All, This is a yearly thread (Jan - Dec 2017). I am discontinuing my earlier Nifty thread as I am trying to bring in some pattern to my postings on Nifty. On this thread, I will post: My View on Nifty for Next week. This post will be done on weekend, with charts. There will be no calls or...
  6. Tuna

    The Best Trading System

    Folks, I am not sure if I am qualified enough to post anything is this privileged section as I consider myself as 'A trader, coming out of woods' and far way from perfection to enter the master league. However, when I look back, I realized that I never had a trading coach or anyone who could...
  7. Tuna

    Tuna's Crude Recordbook

    Hi Oil Drillers, I am starting this thread to record if consistent profits in crude is possible or not. I will post my real trades here. None of the calls are pointer to investments. If I manage to post 50 profit taking posts (total profit taking entry - total loss making entry), I will share my...
  8. Tuna

    Nifty Swing & Intra Trades

    Hi Folks, I am starting this new thread on Nifty Future. I will post my real trades here to keep a record what I am doing. Though it is for educational purpose and not an investment idea. What is the rational behind my trades I will explain that as well, after 50 successful trades (total...