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    Am I calculating PCR right ?

    Hi friends, I am attaching an excel sheet. I have calculated PCR in it for BANKNIFTY. The data is for 19-Feb-2019, (today's). In the end, I have calculated PCR (OI) and PCR (Vol). Is this method right? Regards
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    Weekly MA on Daily Chart..!!

    Dear Friends Can anybody help me to get Weekly MA on daily Chart? I am :annoyed:... unable to get it... Have a nice day Jbest
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    how to do this?

    Hello, using Plot() to plot lines... draws a lines from left to right. But I want to draw a line on the right side.. and NOT the left side... For example: I want to draw Pivot Lines but simply passing the pivot value draws the whole line.. I want them only on right side. Actually I had...
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    Margin Money and Profits...?

    Dear friends, How much margin money is required for following metal futures? 1. Copper 2. Aluminium 3. Silver 4. Gold Also whats the Lot Size for all these? Have a nice day JBest
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    Dear friends, For analysis on SINTEX... please visit here..... Have a nice day JohnBest
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    Regarding PE Ratio

    Dear Friends I have some questions regarding PE Ratio... 1. PE Ratio is Market Price divided by Earning per Share.... So does PE ratio change daily?... And how to calculate the EPS.. what i think is... EPS might get changed quarterly...Need some information from you guys.... have a nice...
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    How to get OHLC values for first intraday candle ??

    Dear friends The question itself tells whats the requirement? Have a nice day JBest
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    Bullish and Bearish Reversal Bar?

    dear friends :) how to identify these? any rules? any candlestick equivalent for them? Have a nice day JB
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    About GFX Programming

    dear friends can anybody tell me how to do the GFX Programming with Amibroker 5? Have a nice day JB
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    EDUCOMP - Is it a Double Bottom?

    dear friends below are the images of EDUCOMP Fut EOD data have a nice day JB
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    NEyvelilig - breakout pattern

    dear friends today NEYVELILIG FT rose 9.6%...... :p I am attaching two image ....pls confirm the breakout pattern was it a Triangle or Double Bottom breakout? have a nice day JB
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    CESC Flag or Penant Breakout ???

    dear friends below attached is chart of CESC Ltd. (NSE) . Is it a valid Flag or Penant breakout? Seniors pls do comment..... have a nice day JB
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    The Anatomy Of Bull Market Corrections - (ET Article)

    dear friends Below is the link where you can read the mentioned article. It is in two part. The link goes here have a nice day JB
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    How to Plot EOD MA on Intraday Data

    dear friends Dont know how to plot EOD MA on intraday data...pls help.... For ex : I want to plot Simple MA 21 days on Intraday data... HOW TO...? :eek: have a nice day JB
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    Can somebody help me with this issue?

    dear friends, I am using MS 9 for intraday data....(5 min)... When I want to view the Daily Chart, I always see a strange thing happening.....I get message from MS stating "Waiting for data, press ESC to cancel". Many times pressing ESC wont work.....then CTRL+ALT+DEL (Bill Gates...
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    how to do this with Metastock

    dear friends, I want the color of all candle, above 13 MA as green and those below with red color....:rolleyes: new to Metastock coding......;) have a nice day JB
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    Geojit - Fooling clients...

    dear friends I am having demat a/c with Geojit....India's first Internet trading....since last 6 months.... Its very funny because under the head of Future they are still providing cash charts.....didnt get....When I click RCOM Future chart for intraday, i get a good chart showing all the...
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    Anybody using IRIS?

    dear friends Is anybody using IRIS from A friend of mine is recommending it..... Comments awaited Have a nice day JB
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    Get the OPEN Price for Intraday data?

    dear friends Can anybody tell me how to get TODAY's OPEN Price in MS? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for INTRADAY Data :) Have a nice day JB
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    how to plot pivot for Intraday?

    dear friends I had started using MS 9 for intraday and want to know how to plot pivot point based on yesterday's close, high, low. Pls help me out have a nice day JB