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    Filtering stocks from RM singhs google drive for use

    A big thanks to RM singh for sharing data The following code will copy files present in f:\stocks\datacode\modfl_2.txt from src folder to dest folder. It will maintain the folder structure present in source folder. The format...
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    Check if your stock broker is in a mess !

    The question that comes to every ones mind is what if my broker goes bust. What will happen to my money. NSE gives 15 lacs back. How long will it take I dont know and one can never be sure. Once one is thinking of putting in some real money a trader is always bothered especially with so many...
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    How to get the authorities to solve local problems

    Often we come across problems like bad roads, drainage issues, water problems, garbage not cleared. And in many cases the muncipal corporation turns a deaf ear. And the complaints written( and ) and visits to municipal offices does not yield any results. Hence just...
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    Usdinr futures data for last 2 days

    Can someone give me usdinr futures 1min data for last 2 days. 3 jan/ 4 jan 2019. For jan 2019 expiry.
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    Breakout Stock

    Hi folks I will be posting stocks which have broken out. You can share the same. Criteria as follows. 1. The stock should be moving swiftly beyond ranges to new levels upside or downside in daily/weekly timeframe 2. The stock should just come out of range in dailytimeframe. Something like...
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    Afl Error help

    Can someone help out in this one Getting the following error : Error 31. Syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting WHILE Formulas\Custom\ 7 1 Heres the code do = TimeFrameGetPrice("O", inDaily, 0 ); do20 = do +20; dp = ValueWhen (Cross(H,do20),C); Buy =...
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    Backtested trading system

    This thread is for any known mechanical system which is profitable or can remove all tax costs associated with trade consistently. For intraday stocks the cost is approximately 0.06% of tradevalue per trade or 6% of trading value for every 100 trades. When we define a system the following...
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    threads started by myself?

    how to find threads started by myself?
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    Bhavcopy for 2014/15 or old abcd Setup

    Does anyone have bhavcopy files for year 2014 and 2015. Kindly share it. I am looking for files in exact format in which NSE gives with following columns SYMBOL SERIES OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE LAST PREVCLOSE TOTTRDQTY TOTTRDVAL TIMESTAMP TOTALTRADES ISIN I dont want the amibroker format with...
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    Some charts

    TCS / BPCL
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    TCS buy back - Tax implications

    What are tax implications if someone wish to tender his TCS shares on buyback. The shares were purchased at IPO around 200 Rs I think Held for more than 1 year. Offered at 2850. So will there be any long term taxes...
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    Debit spread or credit Spread?

    The question is which is more suitable. Suppose our stock is quoting at 1000. We are expecting it to go down. Which would be a better option. a) Buying debt spread buy 950 PE /sell 925 PE b) Selling credit spread sell 1050 Ce buy 1075 CE Debit spreads lower risk high rewards if it...
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    Are stocks more responsive to support/resistance than index?

    Started trading a list of stocks recently on consistent basis. Earlier used to trade only indexes. Heres what I observed in this expiry. Bank nifty has an earlier high of 21650. We recently broke it.Its cooly sitting on the resistance now
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    Good Cas who can file properly

    Starting this thread as many traders are getting notices. It may be due to wrong filing by CAs or any other issue on traders part as well. Request other fellow traders to list some CAs who can file properly for traders. Knowing whether to audit or not,file appropriate ITR and do the needful. I...
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    Alternative income for a trader

    Fellow traders can help. Feel free to correct or share more information. As per statistics only 5% traders make consistent profits. It takes anwhere between 3 -6 years for trader to become consistent.Some may take more time. Till those 3 to 5 years traders may not only have income but may...
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    Startup Stories

    My Journey with Vada Pav from venkatesh iyer is a book on his experiences while starting goli vadapav. This guy is a tamil brahmin (from mumbai ) and is the biggest vadapav seller in india.( not idli or vada seller) Owns 6 th largest food chain in india after the big 5 MNCs. He is from a middle...
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    Swing trading hub

    Started this for swing traders and discussion related to swing trading only. Feel free to Share your thoughts/ideas and charts related to higher timeframes. Getting together my posts which are scattered around.
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    Query regarding PC as business expense

    I purchased some PC hardware and windows 7 licenced version. I have a proforma invoice ( seller name ABC) and I payed by cheque to him in name of DEF different company name from his shop. Can I claim depreciation for the above items as business expense. Do I need to ask for tax invoice or any...
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    Amazon kindle

    Wanted an opinion. Reading from LCD screen VS reading from kindle. Is it better from eye strain perspective . Kindle now comes with browsers. So you can go thru traderji from kindle kindle Vs book (print) Is it as good as reading from a print.