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    Orderflow Trader's Scalping Trade Diary

    Hi to all, Just want to update my orderflow based trade observation @ MCX Segments. Orderflow Tools - Gomi OFA Tool (Paid) RT Data - True Data Broker - Zerodha Capital - Rs 98,000 Trading Scripts - MCX Segment especially Crude Mini Target Per Month - 10% to 15% (1000 to 1500 Points) Strategy...
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    Experiments with Market Profile Special Thanks to Senior Member and MP Mentor XRAY, Ji..MP Core concept and methods explained above link.. Let's interact more about MP levels and views of MP users.. RPS. VINOD
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    How to trade on Crudeoil Options

    MCX currently launched June and July 2018 option contracts in crude oil, Share ur views about Brokerage and other Slippages. RPS. VINOD
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    NinjaTrader8 Real Time Data for Orderflow Tools

    Hi to all, We can interact here regarding NinjaTrader8 RT Data Part. Authorised Vendor - GFDL Open Source - 1. Yusi's Utility (Now Stopped) 2. Josh Utility RPS. VINOD
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    Development of Algo Trading with NinjaTrader on Indian MCX Market

    I 'm trying to implement the Algo Trading on Indian MCX Market. Broker Platform - Zerodha Kite with API Activated Bridge Charting Platform - NinjaTrader with Order Routing Bridge Step 1 : Activation of Kite API from Zerodha (2000/month) Step 2 : NinjaTrader Configuration based on Indian MCX...
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    NinjaTrader8 Data Plugin for NSE, F&O and MCX Segments

    Hi to NinjaTrader7 Followers, NimbleNT Released for NinjaTrader8 Recent Version by GFDL(supports NinjaTrader 8) Free trial will be available for couple of weeks from Last week (user can add upto 80 symbols from NSE, CDS, NFO and MCX during trial). Enjoy:D RPS. VINOD
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    Advanced Order Flow Analysis and Practicing of Order Flow for better Trade Decision

    I wanna discuss here the development and implementation of Advanced Order Flow Strategies as per discussion of Order Flow Trading main thread. Based on the main thread by MT4Trader, Anyone can...
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    NYMEX Crude Vs MCX Crude - Trading Diary

    After Some Live Practice on CrudeOil Trading on NYMEX and MCX, Just wanna to maintain this thread as a Trading Diary with my own views. Tick Size on NYMEX Crude : 0.01 - $10 0.02 - $20 . . 0.10 - $100 Daily Target - $100 Tick Size on MCX Crude : 1 Point - Rs 100/- 2...
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    Crudeoil Intradday Trades based on GANN Square 9 Strategy

    Hi to All, This post updation ..just brief explanation of the below updation of TJ Member on 23/01/2015 CRUDEOILM @ 6.00 PM trading 2900 As per Gann calculator Buy Above 2902 for a Target of 2914,2928,2941 SL 2889 Sell below 2889 for a target of 2877,2863,2850 SL 2902 we sell...
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    The MA (Moving Average) cannot be too hot or too cold; it needs to be just right.

    Dear All, Pls share ur views reg Role of MAs (Moving Averages) on Crude Oil and Natural Gas ..needs some guidance.. The MA (Moving Average) cannot be too hot or too cold; it needs to be just right. The length of the MA greatly impacts trading activity and therefore profitability...
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    How to Calculate the Closing Price on MCX Symbols?

    How to Calculate the Closing Price on MCX Symbols? When i go thru MCX official explanation.. What is a closing price and how is it calculated? At the end of a trading day, the system calculates the Closing Price of each and every contract traded on the system. The logic for calculation...
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    Crude Trading Dairy with Ninja Trader 7

    I found the great trading system introduced by Mr.Satesh Chand on TJ..B4 that even there's no relevent thread reg this topic..But Now he was banned.(due to some unavoidable circumstances, don't know the reason for banned) I 'm following his simple trading system based on Ninja Trader 7..Just...
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    Sonic R system on Commodities (Courtesy to Technical Trader MT4, zabeen2004)

    Original Thread Link Dear All, Sonic R system..This original thread was closed by Thread Starter due to some unavoidable circumstances..Now Very eagerly waiting to open the thread again.. Pls consider this request..Technical Trader...
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    315 Strategy on Crude Oil & NG Trade on Intraday Result

    By Using 30m TF Signal to Signal based on Cross Over..'ll update here..Positions are Purely Intraday basis 315 Strategy ..already more detailed discussion is going on this forum.So nothing Special..Just No more Back Testing..Just Checking Real Test on Live market. There is a lot of difference...
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    Live Trading Dairy of Natural Gas On 25.02.14

    Anybody did u ride on this bullish rally on NG @ Contract Closing date.? Regards, VINOD. RPS
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    3 Trading Days Natural Gas Move

    Pls Share ur views about Natural Gas Feb Contract next move at the time of Contract Expiry :thumb: Regards, VINOD. RPS
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    3 Trading Days Crude Oil gave 250 Points

    Buy Signal @ 5832 @ 30mnts TF...Still gave above 250 Points on Crude Feb Contract.. Current Rate 6102 @ 11.33 :thumb:
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    Removal of Additional Margin

    FMC vide its letter no.No.6/3/2012-MKT-I dated November 4, 2013 has removed Additional margin of 5% levied on long (buy) side and short (sell) sides of all Gold, Silver, Brent Crude Oil, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel and Zinc currently running at the Exchange w.e.f...