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  1. mmca2006

    Can I fetch data from Trade tiger to Amibroker using echarts ?

    Can I fetch data from Trade tiger to Amibroker using echartspro ( www dot echarts dot in) ? Is it legal to fetch data from snap xl of trade tiger to Amibroker using echartspro? Echartspro is not a legal data feed vendor as per NSE list , that's why I am little bit confused. Though by...
  2. mmca2006

    what kind of IRON CONDOR is this one?

    Can any one identify what kind of IRON CONDOR is shown in following link , how this can be done ? Any idea..
  3. mmca2006

    How to maximize profit from spread trading

    I used to do credit spread by shorting ATM and buying OTM , Now I just want to know from others who are trading option ... if stock moves in my favour ..should I close current spread and open a new trade by shorting current ATM and buying OTM or just carry on the old spread.May be an ODD...
  4. mmca2006

    Realtek Wi-Fi Adapter is not working and Internet disconnects frequently

    My laptop is HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p206tx , Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I am experiencing increasing problems of wifi connection recently and I'm now unable to connect to the internet. Troubleshooting says "Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11bgn Wireless Network adapter is...
  5. mmca2006

    Commodity Option

    What is latest position about Commodity Option trading:confused::confused:
  6. mmca2006

    option action

    I am using option action but getting wrong pay off graph ... for eg. I have attached a pay off graph of SBI collar as follows -buy sbi march future @ 270 + buy sbi 260 march put @5.40 +sell sbi 280 march call @6.50 , any one using option action facing this type of wrong pay off...
  7. mmca2006

    Sharekhan _ Amibroker bridge

    ......shifted to thread... because no intention to start duplicate thread.
  8. mmca2006

    I have a query regarding hacking....!!!!

    I am a layman about software / hardware concept.But I have a query regarding hacking. Is it possible to hack my registered version trading software if i use some data feeding software like manshi rt / truedata etc . Am I compromising my software's security by using external data feeding...
  9. mmca2006

    Want to Purchase Amibroker but how??

    Want to Purchase Amibroker :D :D but how?? Do they have any re seller in INDIA? If so please give details , if not then how can I pay for it other than by using debit/credit card ? Is it possible to pay by net banking? :confused:
  10. mmca2006

    want to open a Trading a/c with SHARE KHAN--your view please!!!

    I want to open a Trading Account with Share Khan , Whether They charge separately for using Trade Tiger ! What is the rate of their brokerage for swing trading in cash market ? Any other issue with share khan ,please inform. I have already talked to their representative ,they will never...
  11. mmca2006

    HOW to plot HH/HL/LH/LL in ribon form in AB ???

    _SECTION_BEGIN("Piviot Points"); Q=Param("% Change",2,1,10,1); Z= Zig(C ,q ) ; Sellz=HH=((Z<Ref(Z,-1) AND Ref(Z,-1) > Ref(Z,-2)) AND (Peak(z,q,1 ) >Peak(Z,q,2))); Sellz=LH=((Z<Ref(Z,-1) AND Ref(Z,-1) > Ref(Z,-2)) AND (Peak(Z,q,1 ) <Peak(Z,q,2))); Buyz=HL=((Z>Ref(Z,-1) AND Ref(Z,-1) <...
  12. mmca2006

    Want an Alternative of chartspro/ Manshirt/ charts2win which can fetch data from TT

    Can anybody suggest me a good Alternative for chartspro/ Manshirt/ charts2win which can fetch data from TT . I was a subscriber of Manshirt , after few months they diverted me to Chartspro , 2day I noticed charts pro is not working , I contacted them , they told me that there is some " time...
  13. mmca2006

    Any AFL for computing value appreciation ?

    Is there any AFL to find out which shares have given maximum return (value appreciation) during a given period of time , say last 5 years/ 10 years ?:thanx: in advance.:)
  14. mmca2006

    Which one is better laptop ?

    Which one is better laptop ? Dell Inspiron 15 5547 OR HP Pavilion 15-P077TX :confused:, which one should i go for ? View of Tech experts of this forum is needed. Some one told me that Dell inspiron has some heating problem in comparison to HP pavilion--Is it true? I need i5, 8gb ram, 1 TB...
  15. mmca2006

    Any Trader from Asansol--Durgapur belt of West bengal ?

    Is there Any member of Traderji from Asansol--Durgapur belt of West bengal ? , just curious to know . :)
  16. mmca2006

    bonus issue

    can any body provide the information regarding 5 top companies which have given bonus maximum times during the period 2000--2014 :confused:
  17. mmca2006

    A question relating to HDFC security regarding COVERED CALL

    Can any body confirm me whether HDFC security permits to Sell Call ( covered call ) against any share holdings in their Dmat A/c/, i.e Do they provide any margin against the shares in their Dmat A/c?:confused::confused:
  18. mmca2006

    What will be the price of illiquid option ?

    I bought 530 call option of Asianpaint currently which is very much illiquid , last traded price is 38 , bid /ask is 5/49 , now if I donot sale it and keep it up to expiry AND 38 remains last traded price ,also suppose at june14 expiry price of Asian paint underlying is 580 /- , what price...
  19. mmca2006

    New Banking License

    Does any one know the date on which RBI will announce shortlisted candidate for Banking License ,Probably they will announce the shortlisted candidate in Jan 2014 but I want to know the Date , If any body knows please share.:confused:
  20. mmca2006

    Which one is better Covered put or Selling naked call !!

    One question came to my mind which strategy is better at any point of time , Covered put OR Selling naked ATM call. I toggled both strategies with option oracle but did not find to much difference between two regarding Max. profit, BEP etc. So why people prefer covered strategy . I believe that...