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    Anyone know of a good video tutorial for day trading and basics ?

    I know everyone is going to say to try youtube or learn on your own or something that sort i dont want to learn to trade or master it or learn any method . i just want to know the basics of market ...I need it in an ascending order ..where they start teaching from basics then at the end...
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    Which one is better Angelbroking or zerodha ??

    I will be operating my account on mobile from work . I need to know which provides a better mobile app . A
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    Help me choose trader ? I want to start trading ASAP ( NewBie)

    Hello there i want to operate from office on phone so the trading platform should provide android support . Not possible for me to trade from home because am at work and i want to just run a test account with a minimum of 5000 rs for a start i just want to learn basics . I will invest more...
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    Dumb question - What is options futures and difference between nse bse

    can someone please tell me difference between option futures and such terms in layman tern and i know nse bse are different stock exchanges but whts the difference in which exchange do we trade also something abt nifty50 and other basic things .
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    Hello from Bihari trader from andhra ( vizag , rajahmundry )

    Hi guys i am in my early 30 might not be the right to start trading but i have tried it around 10 years back i have done stuff which includes forex, trading ( both of these just for fun ) , online marketing ,seo , hacking(lame) i know ... I am currently working in a bank and i am bored to...