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    Brokers who has no restrictions on allowed strikes

    Guys, Which all brokers allow to buy cheap deep otm or itm bank nifty options ? On expiry day or any other day. In zerodha, it's not possible. I am looking for other options. Please do share your suggestions. Strategy is hero zero.
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    I am busted in these charts!!

    Hi Guys I am not sure, if it's the right thread to ask such a noob question!. Coming to the issue : I have added a pic of my today's chart. I was having a steady and calm drop, then suddenly a bullish candle came with good volume. I panicked and thought.. this is going to reverse. I quickly...
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    Hi Everyone..

    Hi I am Varun.... I have been watching and studying the market from many moths. i have done a handful of paper trades and such. now joined with a broker in about a month. 50-50 loss and profit for now !!! I am currently doing ,intraday in nifty 50 and F&O stocks... I am here to get your...