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  1. Mnelen

    How to find old post??

    Most likely, this is not realistic to do, therefore, probably, you should not suffer.
  2. Mnelen

    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    I learned to clearly distinguish time, and thanks to this, everything is going fine.
  3. Mnelen

    Automated trading

    Someone likes automated trading, but still it seems to me that manual trading is much better.
  4. Mnelen

    A beginner, wanted to know some stuff.

    It seems to me that this is some kind of deception, and there is no need to be led to it.
  5. Mnelen

    How to select an online broker for me?

    Well, you can make money with the Amarkets broker, there is a large set of tools, a good leverage, but also specialists who can always help
  6. Mnelen

    need for psychology books

    Personally, my opinion is that they are really very useful, you just need to choose them correctly.
  7. Mnelen

    Trading with Emotions

    Emotions really have a very strong effect on trading and therefore you need to learn how to control faster.
  8. Mnelen


    When working in the forex market, I realized that the choice of a broker is very important and I am glad that I was not mistaken with Amarkets
  9. Mnelen

    How to Learn Discipline

    A good option to teach yourself discipline is to schedule all day and its tasks.
  10. Mnelen

    How to be patient

    Patience is gained over time, when you go deeper into trade.
  11. Mnelen

    Newbie trader

    A newbie must learn to choose a broker and really go the hard way to first profit.
  12. Mnelen

    luck based trading

    For me, trading should be based on your skills and experience.
  13. Mnelen

    Binary option/ forex market

    Anyway, I think that forex is much more profitable and profitable.
  14. Mnelen

    suggest brokerage firm for unlimited trading plan

    With Amarkets, you can really make good money and get full training
  15. Mnelen

    Any good free/paid screen recording software?

    You need to browse and post several options and choose the most convenient
  16. Mnelen

    How leverage works?

    Leverage is given by the broker. For example, when using a leverage of 1: 1000 and a deposit of $ 100, you can open deals for $ 100,000.
  17. Mnelen

    What simple business can a former trader start

    In any case, consider several options.
  18. Mnelen

    how to be a world class trader?

    First you must develop a strategy that will bring you a stable income, and of course pump yourself.
  19. Mnelen

    Small profits , high trades , is it sustainable for long term ?

    Indeed, many factors influence this and need to be taken into account.
  20. Mnelen

    Advice choosing a BROKER

    With AMarkets I became a trader, I started with them and am satisfied with them to this day. I opened an account, learned to trade, constantly contacted those support. A lot of useful stuff, order processing is clear.