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    Alpha, Beta, R-Squared to Weekly Scanning

    Hi, Can you check if I code it correctly to Weekly? //Ver.1.00, 2/10/02 //coded by Anthony Faragasso //e-mail: [email protected] //Insert your Stock_index,Composite_index,etc. //as the **Base Market**. MaxGraph=5; /***Base Market************/ Mkt="psei";//Must be enclosed in...
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    Need Help-Simple Crossover EMA9-MA18 with a twist

    Hi All, Hope you can help me. Need a simple crossover scanner of EMA9-MA18 on a 4H time frame. BUT here is the twist... It needs to scan stocks and give the signal that are about to cross, so I can monitor the volume (to confirm) before it crosses Thanks guys! PS willing to pay...PM me...
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    Kiss of MA

    Hi, Can you help me code this in amibroker? 50ma Play Chart Setup: - RSI(30) with 30,50,70 - 50 simple Moving Average - BB (50, 0.2) - 250 simple Moving Average (to represent weekly 50Ma) - green/red arrows represent crosses up/down of the weekly 50MA The idea is to catch the...
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    Hammer Time afl

    Hi guys, Newbie here and I should say you guys are so helpful! I have tried some codes here and been successful in back testing. However, I noticed the behaviour in PSE and it seems the veterans are advanced in giving signals before it appears in our codes. And I was able to research that...
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    Thank you! from Philippines

    Hi TRADERJI, Lucky to have found this forum. Just started using AMIBROKER and was amazed of how it reduces my time to screen stocks. Looking forward for a fruitful trade and good luck to all! Happy trading guys! neytiurlaber