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    received LETTER from income tax

    hi, Yesterday I received a letter from income tax sub: Non Filing of income tax Return - reg: "The Income tax department has received information on financial transactions/activities relating to you. A list of some of the information for financial year 2013-14 is provided below. As per...
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    DAY trading experiences..!!

    hi traders.. please share your day trading experiences... which time frame is best for day trading.. how you fix your target (by trailing stoploss or fixing target??) pls share your experiences.. thanks.
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    Day trading History chart.. pls help

    hi traders, if there any free website for seeing past intraday chart on PARTICULAR scrip. for example for 20-october-2015, i want to see tatamotors intraday chart (from 9.15am to 3.30pm).. its available?? if there is free or paid website.. pls tell. thanks in advance.:thumb:
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    Best zero brokerage online trading sites - Which one to choose?

    Hi go to alice blue.. Past 8 months i am trading in brokerage freedom plan,... Going good 10000/- for 25 years...!!! Thanks
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    Nestrader DOUBT!!!

    hi, please tell these functions in Nest trader. In "File" menu:- "Refresh Broadcash" "Refresh Clients" if we click it, what happens... . i am clicking without knowledge ..what it will do. pls reply... thanks in advance
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    Alice Blue: cheating complain in NSE

    hi FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION:- i am trading with aliceblue for past six month in brokerage freedom plan... going very good.. no problem thanks
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    Alice Blue Securities - FREEDOM plan - pls comments

    hi thanks for valuable reply. Type this in google:- "RKSV cheating" "Zerodha cheating" and you will get many. for all brokers it will come.. some one in this world will not satisfied...!!! thanks
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    Alice Blue Securities - FREEDOM plan - pls comments

    hi all, Pls comments your view on alice blue securities. i am trading with aliceblue securities in freedom plan for past 3 months.. no problem... going good. they giving freedom plan (10000/rs for 24 years..) we can trade in nse cash market, F&O... etc..etc... (pls go to their...
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    F&O ZERO BROKERAGE - JustTrade or RK Global

    hi , just go to aliceblue securities... 10000 for 25 years in f&o, cash market.... go to their website. i joined in this scheme.. so far no problem.. smoothly going.. thanks
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    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

    hi.. A great Legend... 1. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. 2. “Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.” 3. “All Birds find shelter during a...
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    high returns breakout in daytrading!!!

    Hi. No reply from anyone.... Thanks
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    high returns breakout in daytrading!!!

    hi my dear day traders,, my dear senior day traders, junior traders,,, and all day traders :) ,,, which breakout gives more returns in daytrading... .. In your experience which breakout is more powerful in daytrade... pls tell me.... if possible pls put chart...its very useful for...
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    Multiple Chart at same time.. pls discuss..

    hi jagankris, if possible, please can you post the image of ambi broker... thanks in advance
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    Multiple Chart at same time.. pls discuss..

    hi dear.... chart lovers,, In which software Can we open multiple chart at same time,,, I am having 2 monitors,, i want to open nearly 5 or 6 charts at same time... i am using PIB indiabulls...but its very slow.. Apart from that which broking house software or any private software have this...
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    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading - Part-2

    for intraday trading only!! (closing position at same day.. how much want.. pls tell me...)
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    Hi Chennai Day Traders..

    hi,, i am daytrader,,,, not a fulltime day trader.... in morning time i will trade.. i am bpo employee. thanks
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    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading - Part-2

    HI RKSV, HOW MUCH MONEY should have in account TO BUY A ONE LOT TATAMOTORS IN FUTURES (for intraday trading) pls reply
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    Hi Chennai Day Traders..

    hi Any Chennai day traders here.... i am doing day trading more than 5 years... if you are fulltime trader, we can meet and discuss about day trading method. pls reply thanks
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    Simple intraday profitable strategy-it works

    dear,, SMA means... please explain with charts.... thanks