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    Mechanical trading

    Hi, I want to automate trades based on technical indicators like Supertrend, or 20 period high/low breakouts etc . One thing I understood so far is to get NISM series VIII certification. Everybody is talking about plugins, datafeed and AFL, Python programming I am looking for...
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    Android Apps for Indian Market

    I compiled a list of useful Android apps for Indian Market. Feel free to add more if there are any good ones. NSE Mobile Trading: Google Finance...
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    Weekend trading of a working professional

    Hi, Relatively new to trading. Explored all areas of equity trading including Futures and Options writing. Tasted success and failures, learned the concepts of TA and gained confidence to commit sizeble amount of money so decided to build a portfolio. Decided that Muhurat trading on Diwali is...
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    need NSE/BSE symbols

    To my knowledge, LTD companies should be listed in a stock exchange and be available for trading by general public. Could anyone please provide the symbols for the following companies? Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited* Bajaj*Allianz*General Insurance Co. Ltd. Birla Sun...
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    Insurance Fund

    I have been searching for sometime, but could not find any mutual fund investing specifically in companies from Insurance sector. Please let me know if you any of you know any such fund.
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    Getbhavcopy error - ASCII file for Nov 1

    Hi since the software is giving error, I have downloaded the bhavcopy from NSE and prepared a text file in the same format. It include all the stock related data. Index data is missing but for NIFTY with volumes same as yesterday. Hope it is useful for a few. Regards Sesha
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    Quotetracker - NSE Realtime not updating

    Since yesterday Quotetracker is not updating data for any individual scrips. However it is updating the index data properly. I searched over internet and there were no error reported at all. Is it me alone or othere also facing this problem? Are there any changes in the symbols?
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    Will history repeat and Nifty touch 4965 !!!

    In the backdrop of nifty making new yearly high despite of the unfavorable global market trends, I tried to revisit some of the TA principles and while doing so, I found that the Indian market is at the peak and Fibonacci retracement suggest a good 10% correction from current level. Have a look...
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    Hello all

    I am complete novice and waned to know about investment opportunities in the stock market. One of my friends who is an active trader suggested this site and I found it very informative with great members who are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise. I am glad to be member...