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    trade options using thisformula when stock changes from under to overperforming

    rs is calculated by above formula for 90 day basis i am trying to convert above formula to afl you can try.
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    Please code an afl to draw a vertical line at every 46 th day

    This is required to monitor nifty time cycle.
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    Gann believed in 10 year master cycles in price how to go about tracking cycles? rules are Buy at 3rd Year of the Decade to 7th year is a bullish period and as a trader you can rewarded if you are generally bullish in this time zone ==There is a crash in 7th or 8th year of the decade. This...
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    please code trends indicator for double lines of support and resistance

    there is one indicator called sve trends. the default code draws a suport or resistance line. default settingsare multiplier 2.8 and atr period 10 but it is observed that by using multiplier 4 and atr periods 21,in metatrader4,the results are better. our new code uses two lines of support and...
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    please code morpheus-signal-trader formula in amibroker see the picture below it shows lines like ichimoku
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    ssl hybrid plus qqe tradingview code- to be made in amibroker

    tradingview has a code that is quite interesting. it gives carity can some expert code it in amibroker please ---------------------------------here is the trading view code // //@version=4 //By Mihkel00 // This script is designed for the...
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    Dont ignore scalling. you go reading your charts wrong

    Stock chart reading (technical analysis) can be very powerful, but if you don't fix this one problem in the default setting of most charting software platforms, you can lose a lot of money (even if you're a great trader!).
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    requested nse sector scan for amibroker

    Hi friends here is scan from bangladesh coder for their market can somebody modify this one time to suit nseindia sectors please afl code // Downloaded From
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    knoxville divergence

    I am interested in amibroker formula for Knoxville Divergence. it uses a divergence between price and momentum21. RSI 21 is used for oversold buy as help.. Rob Booker A CURRENCY TRADER DEVELOP6ED IT FIRST when he was in knoxville city.the code is available in metastock and mt4. (Rob Booker...
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    tradetrend metastock add on can somebody give details please

    tradetrend is a momentum indicator combination.
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    Gann pvs system

    Hi friends i saw the gann pvs system by maideep rana. it is unique. itt is good. works based on support and resistance. There is a code in mt4 zone but we need it to be recoded in Amibroker language. I wish somebody could try to code afl for gann pvs system...
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    required afl for buy sell using trend and momentum

    hi friends Looking for simple afl which uses trend and momentum to find buy sell signals concept is this A Boeing aeroplane needs about 200 miles per hour speed to lift up into air by overtaking its own weight and friction of air and road on which it moves. A STOCK SIMILARLY NEEDS enough...
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    Looking for Ichimoku formula with mtf dots for cloud cross

    Hi experts n friends Looking for Ichimoku formula with mtf dots for cloud cross over 4 timeframes. The idea is coding cross above cloud and cross below cloud on a 5 minute chart look for cloud cross on 15 min if above plot a green dot if below plot a red dot. in the ribbon space. This way we...
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    Banknifty options-Doubts & questions

    Hi friends I like to ask question . Let the experts reply and discuss . Let the new traders benefit from the discussion. A trader tarted recently with banknifty options trading. What he did? ================= he got a tip from adviser. Buy 23000call at 45 or below wait for target...
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    Special mtf indicator for tradestation9.5 only

    Hi friends hi tradestation users hi tradestation-metastock-Amibroker users Here is some mtf indicator called imtf,currently available only for tradestation 9.5 users to purchase and use. Here are some related links . please try to provide some simple explanation and generate a simple...
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    bletrend -can somebody convert this mt4 code into afl

    LabTrend3_v2.mq4 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| LabTrend3_v2.mq4 | //| //| |...
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    Trade pivots R3 and S3 This way to benefit reversals

    Hi friends Trading pivots Conventional methods use price cross pivot level-this doesnt work at R3 and S3.(CAMARILLA PIVOT LEVELS) we see unconventional tactics for R3 and S3. The unconventional entry of reversal gives early entry and it is far different from text book conventional methods...
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    Trading Tree-pivot based trading system

    Hi friends here you can see tradingtree chart.intraday system that works on 10 minute charts. ========================================================= your normal problem= you use indicators to predict price action in immediate future. it fails as price makes indicators react not the other...
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    One half of cup formation is ready in afl- what about second half code?

    Hi friends here is code by TJ for first half of cup formation. Question is how to code the second half of cup formation?? Can somebody do the coding of second half of cup n handle formation please! //AmiBroker code //AMIBROKER: IDENTIFYING CUP FORMATIONS...
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    Nifty specialist or TDF SOFTWARE -truth is its fake

    HI friends read the customer views here. NIFTY SPECIALIST says -our software 99% accurate etc actually it doesnt cross 50%-too many wrong signals-buying rubbish at 10000 rupees. The software uses a code that you can...