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    1 min IEOD data

    Since Google has stopped providing 1 min data, it has now become difficult to have such free data. Any solution for 1 min IEOD data, (for free or reasonable priced) (other than RM bro) Thanks
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    Some Wisdom Thoughts - in search of

    I am starting this thread, to post some pieces of thought, that I receive from my friends/relatives. Though some posts may be English but will be in Hindi mostly, so those not knowing Hindi, please do not complain. They may take help of their friends/relatives/neighbours, knowing Hindi, to get...
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    Cooling Pad for Laptop

    Since last 2-3 days, I am facing heat problem in my laptop. So want to know is it a good idea to use cooling pad. Is anyone using cooling pad for laptop. Which one (make or brand) you are using. How is the performance. Is it useful. I want details/a review on it. Thanks
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    Option trading vs Future trading - pros and cons

    It is said that options are only for hedging or for writing only. One should not buy naked options, One should only write options. One should not trade in options. And one should trade in futures only. So, I shall be thankful if trader members, please post your views/comments on pros and cons...
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    My Views, My Trades - My Posts

    Hi guys Surprised, No naa. Yes I knew it. Though I was planning, since a long time, to open a thread to post my views on market and my trades, but was a bit reluctant. But after due consideration decided to open one. I trade mainly in options, that too of NIFTY and BANKNIFTY (weekly and...