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    Cloud storage

    I want to know, if you are using any cloud storage site(s) for storing files and documents. If so, then - which one and your views on its working like retrieval of files etc. I was using for storage of files and use to store files in .zip format. My laptop had a crash and I lost all the...
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    Sleep mode

    Is it safe to close a laptop on sleep mode say for 3-4 or for 10-12 hours. btw, how about hibernate mode. Does laptop use power in hibernate mode. Thanks
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    Laptop on/start issue

    Since few days, I am facing an issue with my laptop (DELL Latitude E7440). It won't power on, on pressing on button. But if I take out battery box and reinsert, then it start working. I showed it to a tech fellow, he repaired it but it didnt work for more than 5-6 days. What could be the...
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    HP laptop charging line mix up

    I have 2 old HP laptops (HP G6 2103 TU and HP dm4), though old but working and using occasionally. By mistake I have mixed up their charging line. Now I am in a fix, to use which charging line with which model. Can I use any charger with any model or it is specific for a particular model. What...
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    IEOD Data Source

    Hi Looking for a source (website, brokers platform/terminal or software etc) from where one is able to download 1 min IEOD data for equities and futures on daily/weekly basis Slowly slowly, all sources like Google, NOW, NEST, BEST, Yahoo etc have stopped providing data Currently, only reliable...
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    New Laptop

    I wish to buy a new laptop, as my present one is some 10 years old one and creating problems. I have shortlisted this one from HP for 43490 (amazon price) HP 15 10th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor 15.6-inch(39.6 cm) FHD Laptop (8GB/256GB SSD+1TB HDD/Windows 10/MS Office/Jet Black/1.74Kg)...
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    Floater Health Policy

    Someone please explain: - What are pros and cons of floater mediclaim policy - How much floater mediclaim policy is cost effective than individual mediclaim policy, citing an example for 3-5 lakhs total premium, for an individual plus senior citizen parents, in sound health. (If pending renewal...
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    Laptop details

    How to know for details of laptop model, to buy correct laptop battery run + msinfo32 does not provide complete details of laptop model, only basic details and not model number
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    1 min intra data

    I need 1 min intra data for Nifty 50 stocks and major indices (BN BNF NS NF) for 3/6 months. Please share/help. Thanks.