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    Long term investment

    Long term investors can track in which stock mutual funds are buying, given below is one of the useful website, investors can track these stocks and find based on delivery volumes around which price MF bought these stocks. Data's of current month buying will be updated between 12th-15th of next...
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    Forthcoming Economic data / Events :

    In this thread I will update about forthcoming economic data / events that can impact market movements. Members can also express their views on theses economic data. Consumer Price Index (CPI May 2021) : Monday June 13, 2022 (5.30pm) WPI(Inflation May 2022) : Tuesday, June 14, 2000 (12Noon)...
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    FIIs in index futures / options:

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    My Stocks Intraday View

    For May 21 2018:
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    My Stock Views

    Colgate Palmolive : 1040 The stock has corrected from 1160 levels and now seems to be consolidating at lower levels can bounce back till 1098, on the downside may weaken below 995.
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    Open Interest Analysis

    In today's session some longs are added to Nifty futures(+0.25%), but this is not a significant addition, so it can be assumed that still some upside left in Nifty(may be till 10420-10470). For BankNifty fresh longs are added, it can be assumed that BankNifty looks much stronger than Nifty...
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    My market Views

    As per Nifty futures based on Open Intrest longs are being wind up in the last two days, but in BankNifty futures additional longs are added, so if Nifty goes up above 10400-10420( resistance) it will depend on BankNifty's strength.lets see how its progress.....
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    Iam Jayakumar with a trading experience of 14 to share my market views and get your views through this forum.