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    Upstox deducting money hiddenly charging for deactivated service..All upstox user check ledger

    Hi, Since I was on old freedom plan, I have activated PRIORITY PACK and deactivated 6 months back. They guided me how to do over phone. Last week I found they have changed the date of deduction by 15 days making deduction date to 23 and still deducting for service which is no more active...
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    NEST alternate for scalping. Which software(nonweb) like NEST give chart on same page

    Hi All, I am a option scalper and need non based fast desktop trading application. With NEST support closing for chart, which software gives chart on same page(not new page) like below screenshot TRADER.JPG Google search shows DIET ODIN RKG( broker...
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    Which is better Sasonline or TradeSmart? Only for option trading

    Hi, Only for trading option, which one is better ? I am happy with NEST Requirement : Execution time and without issues on event day as well.
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    Careful with Upstox, trade with other save yourself

    From support to dissappearance of money. All order hangs and no customer care. They are using excuse since a month. Finally reported about money missing/update to NSE. NSE rebuked badly that woman but still be careful. I got my money but I never had issue with zerodha on this. NEST punching...
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    How is Aliceblue please review and their service

    Hi All, I am looking to open an account with them for simply selling options. Anyone here tried their service please put in your comments?
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    Which brokerage in MIS(intra) give highest selling power in index option ?

    After new rules by SEBI, selling power has come down. Which current broker offer more than 7x power to sell in intra for bank nifty and nifty options ?
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    Broker which provide 5x+ margin for selling option? Fed up of RKSV issues

    Hi Folks, I'm using RKSV for F&O but getting tired of everyday issue with nest not working, order hanging etc. Neither their customer care helpful anymore. Can someone suggest any other broker which pays 5-6x margin for intra sell like rksv? Zerodha is ok but just 2.5 times which is too less...
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    Options to save tax for full time option trader

    Hello, I trade only nifty options(full time trader), and was able to genarate over 10 lakhs income per annum. my total turnover net P/L is 50 lakhs < 1 crore and also income > 8% of 50%, therefore I realized no need of audit. Now, I did google search and found how can I save tax. Non tax -...
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    Review of SAS online ? Please share your expereince

    Hello Traders, Could anyone please share their experience using SAS online ? Thank You
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    Trading only nifty options with Unlimited brokerage(like RKSV in the past)

    Hi Folks, I am full time nifty option traders, and always used unlimited trading account with RKSV. As I stopped for 2 months, I came to know they have now stopped those unlimited trading freedom plans, and now Rs 20 scheme like zerodha only. In a single day I make 30-80 trades in nifty...
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    Astro thread.....Mod plz dnt close it

    Hello Mod, Please reopen this thread, Just because of one moron commenting unknowingly the creator of the thread has asked to close the thread. Please dont close...
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    Why a I disabled to post ?

    Hello Mod, Couldnt find suitable place to place this query but recently I realised I am unable to post in few threads. Possible reason I c I have been blocked but why ? I don't spam or make unneccessary post, stilll why ?
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    Backtest condition to renew indicator per day

    Hello, I am doing backtest on 1 min data of 1 year and stucked at one place. If any trade is Open, closed it at 3.29. i.e If Buy generated before market hrs the close with SELL signal. If Shorted then COVER. I was able to do so by writing Buy = xyz or timeNum() >=152900 However, this...
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    What is wrong with this condition ?

    Buy = (Cross(p,m) AND a > p && a > 25); Sell =(Cross(m,p) AND a > m && a > 25) ; Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell); Sell = ExRem(Sell,Buy); PlotShapes(IIf(Buy,shapeUpArrow,shapeNone),colorGreen,0,L,-10); PlotShapes(IIf(Sell,shapeDownArrow,shapeNone),colorRed,0,H,-10); Some arrow not showing...
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    AFL help

    Hi, I want to backtest data, so I want 2 reverse my position after BUY when SELL signal is generated after booking profit. Book profit when SELL signal is generated and the SHORT as sell signal. Eg, Buy = a > b; Sell = a <b; When I backtest it wont use SHORT 2...
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    Condition to write for backtesting

    Hi, I have difft. condition for BUY,SELL,COVER,SHORT. I want to put Stop Loss for Buying and Shorting conditions. When I Buy, SL is say 5 points, likewise some amount while Shorting. What code I have to add in my program or how to do, help please.
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    Hats Off to Pride

    Thank You Pride, for such a wonderful thread, After spending whole night, and going through 149 x 10 = 1490 yet, reading each and every post I realised, the method was perfect but the execution. At...
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    Value of a system that give 80-120% monthly consitently

    Hi friends, What do you think how valuable it can be ? What is the product worth cost ?
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    Hello traders

    Hello, I am new to this comm. Experience 4 years in trading. Hope to learn and share. Thanks,