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  1. chintan786

    Development and Testing of Trading Hypothesis

    Hello All, Hope everyone is safe and doing Fine!! From Last few months I have seen trend towards developing/implementing Mechanical Systems by Indian Traders. On TJ as well in recent time good strategies developed like OBV by Varun, Pivot Method by ST da, Pratap's Method etc where ppl...
  2. chintan786

    Charting FII Net Position in Excel

    Hi, I want to Plot Net FII derivatives data in Excel as mentioned in Attached Pic. can anyone does this in Excel for me. Data and Pic of required format attached with this message. It is Basically Nifty Fut. close plotted against FII Index short and FII index Long
  3. chintan786

    SEBI Reviewing Equity Derivatives Rules

    SEBI is reviewing Equity Derivatives rules by making few & big changes to Lot Size, More strignent exam for brokers and what not..
  4. chintan786

    VPS: Ninjatrader

    Hi, I am exploring ways to install NT-7, RTD and NEST on VPS. Please recommend good VPS hosting site. my budget is $20/Month. Do let me know if anyone already doing this and wants to share cost. Best Regards, Chintan
  5. chintan786

    My Observation: Abt Myself

    Hi All, This thread is all about my observation about myself and How decision making is evolving into myself. Few Things about Myself. 1. Trading since 2007. regular-irregular kind off. 2. Learned alot & still on this path. 3. Jan 2015 onwards is very eye opener changes. Specially arrival of...
  6. chintan786

    Insurance Advice

    Hi, I have recently got LIC Insurance Agency. In case, Anyone Have any query or looking for information regarding LIC plans etc then please feel free to ask here. Have a Nice Day. Chintan
  7. chintan786

    Bad Experience:

    hi, I am salaried class person and doing F & O trading in stocks.In Last year fY 2013-14 I incurred some losses. So when it come to filing IT return, I come to know tht I require to get my losses certified from CA. After that I come to know clear Tax site where they have their plans for...
  8. chintan786

    Loss in F & O trading

    Hi All, In last FY I have loss of Rs. 100,000/- in F & O which I want to show in Tax return. wants to know how to do this. As I am salaried class person. I asked this on another thread and Shravan told me I need to file ITR 4 and my loss need to be variefied by CA. So wants to know how to do...
  9. chintan786

    My trading Journal

    Hi Guys, I am starting this journal to solve few of my weakness like stick with trading plan and avoid Over Trading. I am not Full time Trader. I m working in a speciality chemical company. Trading is my passion from my collage days. My AIM is to become full time Trader.
  10. chintan786

    problem With BSNL Internet connection

    Hi all... i have just got my new internet connection from BSNL... today is my First day and i am getting problems... 1. I am not able to open some of the sites which are very important to me... my trading portal's login page not get open with this.. although when i Connect my TATA VSNL...
  11. chintan786

    20 Aug F&O bhavcopy is not available

    Hi Friends, 20 Aug bhavcopy is not available on NSE site.... is there anyone who is having todays F&O bhavcopy.. if not then i request to those who are getting daily F&O data... plz upload a copy of it if it is possible to u......Even if some one provide me 28 Aug expiry symbol and OI data it...
  12. chintan786

    New Stocks are added in F & O Segment

    Hi all ... good news for all of u.... 39 more stocks are added in F & O segment... some of them are... 1. PTC GSPL Walchandnagar ICSA Balaji Tele concor Asian Paints etc.. will update the whole list as i get it.... warm regards, Chintan786
  13. chintan786

    Anagram will aloow its client to trade in other exchanges

    ndian investors will be able to directly trade on a real time basis in stocks listed on as many as 12 bourses in the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East from next month through a new e-trading initiative being launched by Anagram. When contacted, Anagram's retail business CEO Mayank Shah...
  14. chintan786

    Sugar Sector - Has it become sweet Now

    Sugar stocks have been in the limelight for past one week or so and have risen by about 20%, though they are soft today. So what has really changed for the sugar sector and can this rally get sustained over the next 8 10 months? We have tried to analyse the sector and its likely impact on the...
  15. chintan786

    Currency Future Norms announced by SEBI

    After months of deliberations, a joint panel of RBI and market regulator SEBI today decided to introduce currency futures in stock exchanges, a move which allows managing volatility in the value of rupee. According to the final guidelines of the panel, only USD-rupee contracts of size USD 1,000...
  16. chintan786

    F & O Trends

    F&O trends for tommarow Bhusan steel Bhusan steel was up 0.7%. 37.5% increase in Open interest positions. del. volume was 3.46%. CromGreaves --down 3.8% --OI build-up 27.87% --Del. vol 47% shrt positions are there. Rolta up 1.3% OI postions 23% del. vol...
  17. chintan786

    Credit policy with an eye on Inflation and only inflation

    On hindsight, after all is over and done with, it is easy to look at the writing on the wall and see that the message was there all along. The first quarter macro economic survey was the preamble to the RBI Credit Policy. The skewed demand-supply situation in global crude; expectations of...
  18. chintan786

    DEMYSTIFYING INDIAN Refineries and their GRMs

    DEMYSTIFYING INDIAN REFINERIES AND THEIR GRMs In India, we have six standalone refineries, of which three are in public sector while three are in private sector, which are Reliance Industries (33 million tonne) Essar Oil (7.5 million tonne) being operational and Reliance Petroleum setting up...
  19. chintan786

    Laughter is best Medicine

    Flock In-Trade Mulayam Singh has lost 4 MPs and 14 pounds in the last few days. He is trying to check further loss on both these fronts on a war footing. On Friday morning he was at a Gym doing exercise. Amar he shouted I trust our flock is in tact and hope there is no disgruntlement in...
  20. chintan786

    How to do this

    Hi all , I want to scan stcks which are 15% near to their new highs -- lows and 10% near to their 200DMA or EMA .... can anyone tell me how to this in Amibroker. thanks in Advance Chintan