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    Comparison between Different Trading Platforms

    If anyone wants to do comparison between different Trading Platforms etc. then checkout this Sister Concern Site of - Regards
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    Comparison between Different Brokers

    If anyone wants to do the comparison between different brokers, then please checkout the sister concern website of at this link - Regards
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    Gujrati Black Money, Demonitization, Bitcoin and Kidnapping !

    The Economic Times › Cryptokidnapping, or how to lose $3 billion of bitcoin in India August 10, 2018 Investigators across Gujarat and in the Indian capital of New Delhi say complaints about crypto frauds began pouring in after the U.S. cease-and-desist letters. By Archana Chaudhary and...
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    Super Trader Mind Map

    Super Trader Mind Map Read more at: Download this Mind Map PDF from this link -...
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    You can’t pay the price of a Mercedes for a Maruti

    You can’t pay the price of a Mercedes for a Maruti, it is better to be in cash: Deepak Shenoy, Capital Mind August 08, 2018 Deepak Shenoy From a valuation perspective, do not buy everything just because it seems to be going up: Deepak Shenoy, Founder, Capital Mind, tells ET Now. Edited...
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    Please suggest Good Wireless Router for Traders - URGENT

    Hello friends. I need to purchase a new wi fi router, which will work with the internet connection being provided by local vendor, over the Ethernet cable. My budget is around Rs 5000, but if the product has some real good features, then I am willing to upgrade my budget accordingly to a...
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    Reliance Jio Interent - not opening up few websites

    Dear friends, if you are using Reliance Jio Interent and experience the problem, that a few websites either do not open up, or takes a very long time to open, then please try changing the DNS to Google DNS Preferred: Alternate: OpenDNS Preferred:
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    How to Identify a Trend Day Early

    Dear friends, we all seem to have different ways to look at the market. Some says it was a trend day in Nifty, while other do not think so. I want to know, if there could be some method by which we can Quantify the Intraday Chart of 5 Min Timeframe and clearly say that if these conditions are...
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    Freelancer Opportunity to make Easy Money – One Hour Daily

    Hi Friends. I am looking for someone who has good understanding of how to make posts on forums like traderji, and who has practical knowledge of using excel and Amibroker. Job Description You would be expected to understand my requirements related to Excel and Amibroker, which I would...
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    Information regarding Indian Brokers

    Active client base of Indian brokers by brokrji · Published June 8, 2016 · Updated June 8, 2016 The following table lists the number of active clients per broker. This data is of May 2016 as per the NSE. An active client is one who has made at-least one transaction per year. Use this...
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    Important Observations on Volatility and Beta

    I have found these 2 articles to be very interesting from Volatility and Beta Analysis point of view. The normal perception is the opposite of what is being shown in these 2 articles - Think high-beta stocks give high returns? Think again -
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    Is Nifty - Bullish, Bearish or Neutral ?

    Hello Friends I have attached an excel sheet which has one year data for Nifty and a few other stocks. I am trying to figure out a method by which I can classify each day for Nifty and other stocks, into one of these 3 categories "based on the Price % Change that happened in Nifty on that...
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    Zerodha - Tracking Profit and Loss of EACH Trade

    Hello Friends Is there some easy method by which I can track the exact profit and loss amount for every single trade " intraday and delivery based both" that has been done in zerodha ? Suppose I have bought and sold 1000 shares each of 6 -7 Different Stocks on a given date. Then the evening...
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    Legendary Hedge Fund Wants to Use Atomic Clocks to Beat High-Speed Traders Regards
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    How to use 4G Internet for Trading

    Hi Friends, I want to buy a new device which will allow me to use Airtel 4G Internet on Laptop and Desktop PC Simultaneously. I checked out the details given on this link – I am confused about which particular device should I buy. I do not want to get LOCKED...
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    Option Scanners

    Hi Friends Please post here the links to any scanners for the Options Markets, that you are aware of. Both types - Indian Markets Based, as well as International Option Market Scanners. Hopefully this list would be helpful for all option traders, as we will come to know about various kind...
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    UPS for longer backup

    Hi friends I have a PC with 2 screens of 24 inches. My current UPS - luminous solo "one year old", gives me backup of less then 10 minutes. I want to buy a new UPS which will give me a backup of atleast 30 minutes. My maximum budget is 10k, but I will be happy, if I can get it in lower...
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    Option Trading Strategies Related

    Dear friends, please post here the links to any interesting articles etc. related to Options Trading. I start with the Option Punters Favorite Counter - INFY :thumb:, which will announce its quarterly results tomorrow. Here is the article - Thanks and regards
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    Crash in IV

    As expected by many, the IV Crashed on 18 Sep 2015 for most of the counters, thereby decreasing the values of the Calls as well as Puts. During such events, the temptation for taking a directional bet by either buying a naked Call or Put, is quite high among the retail traders. I myself...
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    How to find ATM Strike for a symbol in Excel

    Hi Friends, I have got the Option Data for DLF Contract on 4 Sep 2015 in Excel Sheet for different strikes. I want to write a formula in the last column that will identify the ATM Strike Automatically. Can you please help me to find out, what condition should I put in the [ L Column ] of...