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    7 Psychedelic Stocks to Watch

    These stocks have profitable potential but are way riskier, specially in the long term investment.
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    10 Stocks Millennials Are Buying

    Yea, advancing technology and the popularity of this hi-tech technology among millennials have made these stocks worth investing in.
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    10 of the Best Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy for 2022

    Can someone suggest any stock that is cheap and yet profitable?
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    7 of the Best Large-Cap Stocks to Buy for 2022

    I agree! Highly profitable even in the short-term.
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    9 Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

    The stocks of P&G have shown a consistent rise and are good for long-term investments.
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    2022's 10 Best-Performing Stocks

    This is really a nice post. Where can I get the information about the stocks mentioned in detail?
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    HDFC Bank Shareholder Benefit after merger

    It has been said that after the merger, HDFC Bank will be 100% held by public owners and existing shareholders of HDFC Ltd. will get 42 shares for every 25 shares for Rs. 2.
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    7 of the Best Value ETFs to Buy and Hold

    Good piece of information. iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF (IWN) is more expensive than Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETF (VIOV) and also has high trading as well as management fees. I’d suggest you to prefer VIOV to buy.
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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    Portfolio management involves strategically buying and selling of the stock or other assets with an aim of winning the broader market.
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    7 Drone Stocks to Watch for 2022

    I have never invested in drone stocks. But I’ll surely look into them.
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    8 Best 5G Stocks to Buy in 2022

    Highly profitable stocks at the moment but are expensive.
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    8 Monthly Dividend Stocks With High Yields

    Thank you for sharing the list. I was actually looking forward to potential monthly dividend stocks to invest in.
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    How to Avoid Forex Losses In Forex Trading?

    Traders should use different risk management techniques in order to avoid losses. For eg. calculating and predetermining the risk reward ratio. Or not risking more than 2% of the total trade.
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    Some traders do not follow their trading plan or do not even bother to make one. This leads to confusion while trading and results in losses.
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    Is it good to invest in forex?

    It is only good for the traders who have a good understanding of the forex market.
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    I am very confused about Forex

    In forex trading, trading psychology plays a vital role. Consider reading books on trading psychology like Trading in Zone by Mark Douglas.