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    Wisdom capital legit?

    hello. I just discovered someone talking in stock market group on facebook that it provide margin leverage upto 40x on futures. I want to know is it a legit company and anyone using them?
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    How to not being tracked by anyone in stock market

    Hello. If i purchase direct nse line? are they going to provide me a software like zerodha trader? or odin or what type of? Sorry this is a stupid question but I am new to all this. And most importantly if i trade directly line from nse, am i 100% full proof that i am not being tracked? And...
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    What is the solution not being tracked by the stock broker?

    hello. I am ankit from delhi,India. I do intraday trading only and sometimes in fno. i dont have demat account. at the moment i have only account with zerodha. and i am constantly making 100k Inr rs per month pure profit from last 4 months. But sometimes i felt like i am being tracked/traced by...