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    File|recent databases not showing recently used databases.

    I am running Amibroker in windows 11. Menu File|recent databases is not showing recently used databases. I have edited reg also for recent databases. Still there is no solution. Can anyone advise what to do?
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    Best free Technical analysis software in Mac which can use .csv file to download data

    I am running Macbook Air 2020 with M1 chip with Monterey OS. Is there any free Technical analysis software in Mac which can use .csv file to download data. I have Amibroker in windows. I would like to shift if any good software exists with above facility so that I can shift data from Amibroker...
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    Mac os

    Any one using any free technical analysis software in Mac OS.
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    AMFI NAV problem

    NAV for Sundaram Diversified Equity in AMFI is as follows. 119549;INF903J01NN3;-;Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) Direct Plan - Growth;127.0113;01-Apr-2021 119548;INF903J01NL7;INF903J01NM5;Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) Direct Plan - Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal...
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    Files | recent databases empty

    Suddenly recently opened database names in files | recent databases missing. How to get those names in that menu.
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    Latest dividend taxation ie TDS in the hands of investors.

    I got a mail from Sundaram mutual fund as below. === Dear Investor,You may be aware that the Finance Act 2020 has removed the Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) at the mutual fund level, and tax dividends in the hands of investors effective April 1, 2020.Consequently, we are obligated to deduct tax...
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    NSE new site and old site

    NSE is renewing its site. Daily data is availble in old site format has been changed www to www1. For example daily equity data is not available at But availble at...
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    Netbanking problem with HDFC bank.

    I have a savings max with HDFC Bank. I also have netbanking facility. At present I am in USA. I was able to access through netbanking my account upto 18/07/2018. On 19th, When I tried to access netbanking I was asked to get OTP in my registered mobile number. My registered mobile number is BSNL...
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    Senior Citizen Savings Scheme- Interest credit error

    I have opened Senior Citizen Savings Scheme in local SBI. At the end of qtr ending 30th sep 2016, first interest credit has an error. In stead of around Rs.2300/= only Rs.117 is credited. When I asked the concerned persons in Bank, they said they will write to Govt dept to recitify this. Any...
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    Excel2007-options backup

    Excel 2007 has excel options which allow setting of default folder, font, no of recent docs, trust center setting etc. When we reinstall excel, we have set it again. Is there any file or registry setting which if saved as backup, can be used when we reinstall excel?
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    Toolbar settings backup

    I have customized vie toolbar to add custom periods like 2, 3 and 30 mins. When I save Amibroker folder, it does not seem to save this customization. I would like to backup this customization for future use. How to go about it?
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    Market related event calendar

    I would like to know whether any site hosts market related events, like yesterday's WPI. Also I would like to know time that event occurs. Like RBI events occur at 11:00AM
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    pc win xp problems

    Now when I click, start button it flickers. IE does not open bookmarks in favourites bar first time. If any page is open, then FB works. Firefox shows window top bar grey color and I could not move windows. I checked for virus with microsoft security essentials. nothing found. Any solutions?
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    PC remote control for trading with less data traffic

    I keep my laptop on for trading. But when I go out, I would like to operate laptop using remote control. I tried teamviewer. It makes lot of data traffic. But I am not sure whether that is optimal compared to other free remote control softwares available. Any light thrown on this will be...
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    afl help required

    I have an afl which has buy and short conditions. For sell I have a condition as follows When buy occurs at close price, stoploss is close-low of bar of the bar where buy occurs. Sell to be done either when price goes below buyprice-stoploss points or goes above...
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    Dropping Internet connection, -source of problem, BSNL, servers, Modem, or Inverter?

    I am facing frequent drop of internet connections on thursday and friday during power cut timing. I have 850VA UPS with 150 battery. My fan light pc is working fine. But internet connection was getting dropped frequently during operation of inverter. I though of three possible sources of...
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    CD Equisearch Ltd- performance

    Does any one has account with them. I saw one bad report from one in this forum. Any suggestions?
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    modification in afl needed

    In the following afl, I need a few modifications. _SECTION_BEGIN("Stochastic_30_MINS"); periods = Param( "Periods", 8, 1, 30, 1 ); Ksmooth = Param( "%K avg", 3, 1, 10, 1 ); Dsmooth = Param( "%D avg", 4, 1, 10, 1 ); barInterval = Interval(); TimeFrameSet(barInterval * 5); k30 = StochK( periods...
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    Excess signals in spite of exrem

    _SECTION_BEGIN("Trades"); SetPositionSize( 50, spsShares); B1=Cross(K,75); B2=KH>DH OR KH<25; B3=Cross(K,D) AND K>75; Buy=B2 AND (B1 OR B3); Sell=Cross(D,K); S1=Cross(25,K); S2=KH<DH OR DH>75; S3=Cross(D,K) AND D<25; Short=S2 AND ( S1 OR S3); Cover=Cross(K,D); shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell...
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    NSE listed debenture details.

    How to get a list of NSE listed debentures, their details like interest rate, redeem date, current crisil rating and how to buy etc