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    Need suggestions for the best API in India to automate trading

    Hello guys, I am looking at suggestions as to which Broker API bridge is the best at this point in India with maximum reliability and seamless execution. I tested Fyers API bridge but am really disappointed as the trades got dropped even though all the settings were correct. Now I am thinking...
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    Optimizing a trading strategy

    I am trying to optimize my trading strategy based on moving averages. Trying to develop an algo out of it. Struggling a bit as the same parameters dont work as effectively for all scrips. Also the optimized parameters on the backtest don't necessarily work on the forward live markets or even...
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    Indicators for positional

    Hello all, I'm developing a system for positional trades that last anywhere from 15 days to 2 to 3 months. Would like to understand from experts here which are the best technical indicators to consider for this. Once the manual system is finalized , I am also planning to automate this system...
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    Developing a system for positional trading

    Hello all, I'm developing a system for positional trades that last anywhere from 15 days to 2 to 3 months. Would like to understand from experts here which are the best technical indicators to consider for this. Once the manual system is finalized , I am also planning to automate this system...
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    Help with AFL

    Hello all, I need some help to convert these two lines in Pine script to Ami AFL . b := close > alpha*close+(1-alpha)*nz(b[1],close) ? close : alpha*close+(1-alpha)*nz(b[1],close) c := close < alpha*close+(1-alpha)*nz(c[1],close) ? close : alpha*close+(1-alpha)*nz(c[1],close) Can someone...
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    Data provider for ALL NSE scrips

    Hi , I am looking for a data provider that provides data for "ALL" scrips on NSE. Most of the data providers provide 225 or 300 symbols . Is there any one that provides data for all scrips on NSE ? Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Looking for candlestick patterns exploration afl

    Hi all, I am looking for a candlestick pattern exploration afl . Additionally if buy sell signals are also there based on candle patterns, that would be great. Does anyone have any such afl? Pls let me know. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Options strategies - Butterfly and Iron condor

    Hello all, I was going through the various options strategies and browsed through the Long Call Butterfly and Long Iron condor strategies for consolidating markets. However, as I want to trade Intraday and not positional, I am keen to know if these advanced strategies like Butterfly and condor...
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    CMAE or SPSO or TRIB optimization

    Hi all, I was trying out CMAE, SPSO and TRIB optimization engines in Amibroker....getting different results from each.... Would like to understand from those who have used these as to which of these give the most optimum optimization values.. Any inputs would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Optimize function in amibroker

    Hi , I am trying to use the Amibroker Optimize function to optimize multiple stocks in a watchlist at one go instead of doing the same one by one. However, the Optimize function is not picking up the watchlist from the "Apply to" filter. I am able to use the Optimize function one stock at a...
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    AFL based on Support and Resistance pivots

    Hello all, I am looking at developing an AFL that would generate Buy/Sell signals based on Support/ Resistance pivots. However currently I am exploring the feasibility of developing such an AFL and building the logic. Would like to talk to experts on the same. Also is any such AFL already...
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    Amibroker coding help

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an Amibroker expert for some coding help. I want to hardcode a couple of parameters in my code based on the scrip name. For example, If scrip = WIPRO, Rsi = 14 Else if scrip = TCS, RSI = 10. I have the overall code ready but only want to add this condition...
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    Want to talk to Amibroker experts

    Hi all, I am looking to talk to a few experts in Amibroker. I have developed a strategy in Amibroker and want to know more details about: - Backtesting - Optimization - Some other features. Please contact if you can help me with some info. Best Regards.
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    Amibroker Optimize function

    Hi All, I was trying the Amibroker optimize function on my AFL. However the results I got gave a poorer configuration than what I am currently using as Rank 1. Im not sure if I have done anything wrong in the configuration. Has anyone implemented this function? Please let me know. Would like...
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    Looking to discuss with Auto trading experts

    Hi All, I am currently exploring ways to automate my strategy. I am trying Symphony presto software but would like to know which are the other providers in the Indian market. Also I had heard about directly automating an API that sends trades from Amibroker to NEST terminal. Would like to...
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    Indicators for choppy markets

    Hi All, My strategy is almost ready but I am looking for some indicators to help me eliminate trades/ noise in the choppy markets. Can anyone pls suggest? Best Regards and Thanks!
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    Looking for historical data

    Hi all, Where could i get historical futures data for Nifty and Stock futures for atleast 2 years? Can anyone please suggest? Best Regards and Thanks!
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    Auto trading with symphony presto

    Hi, I am exploring Symphony presto and would like to hear from current users of this system as to how robust and reliable this system is for auto trading (especially day trading) in the Indian market. What is the uptime/ downtime in a month typically with Presto? Which are the other leader...
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    Reducing losses in Renko trades

    Hi, I am getting an AFL coded with Renko and Supertrend. However , I am observing the trend at time toggles when the trend is changing resulting in a few false trades. I am trying to research an additional indicator with this setup that will avoid the toggling/ false trades. Been looking at...
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    Seek AFL coding expertise

    Hi , I have Supertrend and MACD AFL's but want them modified a little as per my requirements. I want them to consider the Heiken Ashi candlestick values and not the normal candlestick values when plotting signals. Can any AFL coding expert help please? Thanks!