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    UPSTOX Nest Trader not working

    Since past few days my NEST TRADER at UPSTOX is not working. I sent them ticket but as always no reply. They really don't care. They just give excuse of pandemic, whereas all other brokers provide support even during pendemic Why I prefer NEST TRADER?........I have my own set of formulas and I...
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    Historical Market Capitalization Data

    I want historical market capitalization data of listed Indian companies. Can anybody please provide link of it from where I can download/ see it?
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    Majesco share price 985 and dividend declared 974 today

    Majesco share price 985 and dividend declared 974 today Does this mean, if i buy majesco share at 985-1000 today, then i will get dividen of 974 per share......... it looks like money will double by 25th december from this message...... is this i missing...
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    how to download 52 week high-low in excel

    can anybody please guide how to download 52 week high-low in excel daily of all NSE Script?
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    Require data in MS Excel

    I want below data of NSE scripts at the end of day, in MS EXCEL I enter script name in the MS EXcel file and it daily downloads below data automatically in excel, by pressing macro button or anything else Open, High, Low, Close, 52 week high, 52 week low, 5-20-50-100-200 days SMA ( simple...
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    Ready to pay for good formula / calculation method

    I am new to the market I want entry-target and stop loss calculation method in excel which can calculate levels form Bhavcopy. Any market mcx or nse. Any segment cash or f&o Requirement: 1. Accuracy should be 70% or more 2. Levels should be calculated from figures available in bhavcopy 3...
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    Getting entry exit levels with EndOData data

    I am new to stock market and don't want to spend on tips on charts software Can we create good accuracy entry exit levels from bhavcopy - i.e open-high-low-close data calculation May be 1 or 2 or 10 days data can be considered into calculation........