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    Hello, great to be on this forum

    Hi there! Do you have any prior knowledge related to stock market trading and investing? Or are you completely new to this?
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    Trading with Emotions

    Trading offers an exciting opportunity, but on the other hand traders are subject to emotional highs and lows. A trader puts themselves at risk of making foolish decisions in future trades and losing even more money if they react emotionally. Hence, it is necessary to control them.
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    Will this stock turn back? Your take?

    Investors earlier were worried because it dipped but now the status is getting better. So, there is hope and the situation is picking up. So, check the market again and make relevant moves according to your plan.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    You don’t learn discipline by reading books or articles. You learn it by practising it in your regular life. Learn to stick to your decisions in general and you will automatically get good at sticking to your trading plan.
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    Qualities of a good trader

    Skills and market understanding make a trader successful. A good trader knows the importance of market analysis and doesn’t make decisions on the basis of emotions. He is experienced in controlling emotions and trades only when he knows what he is doing
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    Self trading or broker??

    The best option is to trade with a broker. It’s hassle free, plus, the brokers who are offering commission free trading like finvasia or mStock have also made it inexpensive.
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    Need help to trade better and to trade RIGHT

    Trading is not easy and can be risky. Follow proper plan and strategy. Do not forget to use right risk management and have right trading psychology while trading.
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    When most others oppose a very strong conviction of yours

    It is not important that your mindset resides with others. Sometimes it is 6 for us and 9 for others. If you have done your research and are fully confident then go ahead.
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    Avoid Distrctions

    If you set a schedule and manage to follow it, it’ll help to avoid distractions that may make you want to wander off. So, keep the focus on your end goal. Always stay alert so you know what’s happening in the market but you still reach your goal.
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    The most common mistake is not doing enough research about the market. You must know the market well in order to survive as a trader. Being profitable takes time as your skills develop with experience. The most important thing is to never underestimate the risk and trade with caution.
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    Intraday trading vs long term investment

    Before you invest, scan the market place and find the opportunity you want to take on, analyse it and rethink if the strategy will match it. To gain experience and improve skills, short term trading is good. If you want to stay in the market long term and not worry yourself constantly checking...
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    Fundamental analysis

    Fundamental analysis of a company is needed to determine the true intrinsic value of its shares. If you are planning to hold a stock for the long term then company analysis is a must.
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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    You can manage the risk with a well balanced and diversified portfolio. Pick the right stocks and you will be good to go. Losses are inevitable during a market crash but those who have patience can surely earn profits in the long run.
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    Property Investment

    I think it is not such a good idea to invest in property right now, you don’t want to allow your money to get stuck. So, analyse the market again, see which trend is better.
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    luck based trading

    Don’t base your decisions on luck. You need to take the right turns to make a complete whole profit and get back more than you invested.
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    Reliance shares about to explode

    It’s definitely doing better than before. Continue to keep an eye on the news, it’ll help make quick decisions.
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    The situation is a little dicey. Hopefully, so far nothing has affected the market, let’s just hope the situation gets better. No, I don’t think it will crash. But, having said that we can’t really predict market changes.
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    Hi! Welcome to the Traderji forum! I appreciate your keenness to learn about the stock market. You learn from various sources online and people here are there to solve your doubts. Learn and understand the market, and then you can start to invest in the stock market.
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    Is VP financials genuine?

    There is something that seems fishy to me. I don’t know why it feels like that to me. There are so many sources online that one can choose from to learn about stocks. I’ll not fall prey to their sweet words that tell us that we don’t know anything and that this person is the only expert.
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    Thank you Traderji and my fellow traders

    It’s actually a great platform to talk to different traders regarding your strategies and take their suggestions on how you can improve as a trader. There are a lot of options to explore and with the right guidance, it gets easier and better.