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    trade options using thisformula when stock changes from under to overperforming

    rs is calculated by above formula for 90 day basis i am trying to convert above formula to afl you can try.
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    any TD deMark countdown to point 13 ?

    ERRORS ARE COMING near both if Error 6 condition in if while statements has to be numberic or boolean type. you can not use array here please use array subscript opertors to access array elements please can somebody help make the code work? thanks in advance if (Buy9Bars == 9) { HHV_b = HHV9...
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    please code morpheus-signal-trader formula in amibroker

    Rajendran of market coded the half trend //Amibroker - Halftrend AFL Code _SECTION_BEGIN("Half Trend Strategy"); SetPositionSize(1*RoundLotSize,spsShares); amplitude = Param("Amplitude",2,1,10,1); channelDeviation = Param("Channel Deviation",2,1,10,1); showChannels =...
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    Please code an afl to draw a vertical line at every 46 th day

    This is required to monitor nifty time cycle.
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    any one have this afl

    above chart gives a simple trading system. donchian channells and rsi
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    any one have this afl

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    i want afl codings for the mt4 files

    here is some info on half trend indicator by the way it is free on tradingview(name is extremetrend) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator is a Moving Average based market trend...
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    please code morpheus-signal-trader formula in amibroker

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    i want afl codings for the mt4 files

    i am looking for amibroker formula for this mt4 code half trend indicator can somebody help me please ======================== //+----------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| HalfTrend.mq4 |...
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    please code morpheus-signal-trader formula in amibroker

    actually the above is a replica of half trend indicator in mt4 can somebody code it in afl please? here is mt4 code ========================= //+----------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| HalfTrend.mq4 |...
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    Trend Magic Indicator MTF Required

    /* Done by Rajandran R */ /* Author of */ _SECTION_BEGIN("Trend Magic hourly chart"); SetBarsRequired(100000,0); GraphXSpace = 15; SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("bkcolor",ColorRGB(0,0, 0))); GfxSetBkMode(0)...
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    Gann believed in 10 year master cycles in price how to go about tracking cycles? rules are Buy at 3rd Year of the Decade to 7th year is a bullish period and as a trader you can rewarded if you are generally bullish in this time zone ==There is a crash in 7th or 8th year of the decade. This...
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    changes need for this AFL code

    hi bluesquare i can remove normal candlesticks and add heikin ashi for the other conditions you need help from experts check it on 5 min chart see the image on banknifty futures ===================================================...
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    please code trends indicator for double lines of support and resistance

    there is one indicator called sve trends. the default code draws a suport or resistance line. default settingsare multiplier 2.8 and atr period 10 but it is observed that by using multiplier 4 and atr periods 21,in metatrader4,the results are better. our new code uses two lines of support and...
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    Has anyone attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar?

    it is complicated. not worth. what is simple works. the only point is your approach must be unconventional away from the crowd. you better try ruchirguptas gcd scanner.
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    please code morpheus-signal-trader formula in amibroker see the picture below it shows lines like ichimoku
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    ssl hybrid plus qqe tradingview code- to be made in amibroker

    balance code follows here ///SSL 1 and SSL2 emaHigh = ma(maType, high, len) emaLow = ma(maType, low, len) maHigh = ma(SSL2Type, high, len2) maLow = ma(SSL2Type, low, len2) ///EXIT ExitHigh = ma(SSL3Type, high, len3) ExitLow = ma(SSL3Type, low, len3) ///Keltner Baseline Channel BBMC =...
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    ssl hybrid plus qqe tradingview code- to be made in amibroker

    tradingview has a code that is quite interesting. it gives carity can some expert code it in amibroker please ---------------------------------here is the trading view code // //@version=4 //By Mihkel00 // This script is designed for the...
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    Dont ignore scalling. you go reading your charts wrong

    Stock chart reading (technical analysis) can be very powerful, but if you don't fix this one problem in the default setting of most charting software platforms, you can lose a lot of money (even if you're a great trader!).