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  1. imfine

    My wave option trading.

    Hi to all, Many of the beginners who want to be in the market and try their luck are always fascinated by the option because of its capabilities to convert capital to the manifold. I tried on options and was working on one strategy on paper the last few months. Now wish to share with you the...
  2. imfine

    My FNO trade dairy -- Imfine

    Hi, So ultimately I have started in FNO again. This thread will show only the final position as the trade can be triggered at any point of time during the day so i can not post the entry and exit. Initially will be doing it only in one lot and that also only in nifty or banknifty as per the...
  3. imfine

    My Gold trading diary.

    Hi all, Though i love trading in stocks but have gradually turned into positional trader. After doing intrady and actively getting involved in it i also started doing positional trades in MCX. My positional trades in crude have earned me handsome returns. I have given the strategy on crude oil...
  4. imfine

    My Crude Oil positional trades.

    Hi, I shall be posting my trades in Crude Oil here. They are not Intraday but positional so there will be no SL and no Target and very few trades. Mostly these will be trend following system. I had tried Equity and have got taste of success but due to lack of time i cant continue with it. I...
  5. imfine

    Zerodha Problems

    Is kite working today ? I am not able to login as its saying no server response. and also kite app is not login
  6. imfine

    My Day Trading Dairy.

    Hi all, Today's trade TRADE 1 COALINDIA sell 272.10 buy 271.30 +.80paisa TRADE 2 IOC sell 179.55 buy 177.10 +2.45 I am following ORB system on days top gainer and loser. will update on every trading day.
  7. imfine

    A simple yet effective strategy in options

    Dear friends, I am not an analyst or claiming to have got the best of the strategy but yes I admit that I am working on this strategy for last few months & satisfied with the return and now scaling it up. It is simple and easy to implement. so here it is. 1. Choose a discounted broker...
  8. imfine

    Trading Dairy - Intraday

    Hi all, This time I am doing Intraday from 27th August 2013 every day. Now want to make this thread to write down all the trades. 1. Capital used: 71000/- 2. Trading: Equity Cash. mainly Tatamotors, Tatasteel, ICICIbank, SBIbank. Working on ORB strategy. I am comfortable with...
  9. imfine

    trading dairy of nifty/minifty - intraday

    hi all, as i m not a professional trader but have practised paper for months and now entered with real cash of Rs. 1.1 lakh. will be posting my trades here. my trades are only in nifty/minfty. thanks
  10. imfine

    20 % profit on capital employed...! consistently

    Hi, If you are reading this then would request you to please share your view on this. "I have tried many times (during last two years) on day trading but if i calculate I am in loss of approx. 1 - 1.5 lacs. oits last couple of months I stopped trading and decided to learn. I found many...
  11. imfine

    Any successfull day trader here ?

    Hi all, Its always tempting to enter in the world of sharemarket and to get rich in a day. But Hardly find anyone who actually benifitted from it. If any successful day trader is here who can share his/her achievement then it will surely be helpful for other "dreamers" like me. Have...