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    British Dabba Trading SCAM? for India?

    Recently I rcvd a marketing call from one firm that pitched itself for a one stop service that allowed customers to trade in all markets from one interface. (Indian, Forex, Commodities, Crypto, American, European etc....). Their marketing tag line was "Profits you keep, losses we bear" or...
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    Feedback on Avadhoot Sathe Trading Academy

    Hello Is there anyone here who has attended any course from Avadhoot Sathe Trading Academy? What is your opinion? Is he really different or is he more of the same?
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    SUZLON Emerging

    Hello Once a darling, once an eye-sore, the SUZLON has had few developments worth makign a note of. It has moved from being a deeply loss making scrip (on fundamental side) to becoming profitable again. Operating Profit in MAR 2015 -5,995.92 MAR 2016 685.73 Source:; Amounts in...
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    Nse mobile android app

    Hello Everyone I recently started using NSE Mobile Android Application on my Android phone and realized that the software is not being managed as a regular software application with constant improvement as being integral part of life-cycle. In spite of it being a software that is used...
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    Edward Pottash AFLs

    Those of you who have dealt with AFL will sooner or later come across AFL that bears name of Edward Pottash as its author. Most of his AFL have aesthiticallly clean and compelling visuals and seem to implement the lofty ideas. But, closer look at the code of the AFL invariably leads to a...
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    Mutual fund kaa FATCA

    Hi Just learnt about this yet another new authority who is there to collect small tax/cess/surcharge/slice off your investment pie in name of regulating industry that is wholly controlled by obtuse and confusing names anyway Authority is AMFI and requires...
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    RBL BANK IPO dissected.

    RBL Shares will be available in market at half price six months from now unless of course, some market makers pay the P. P. Waterballs game on this one see this
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    A Utility to record real time data tick by tick

    Hello We have extremely complicated AFL that has been extensively debugged and has always worked fine when run on a local PC. However for practical aspects it is deployed in real time on a VPS Server for real life trading. There, once in a while, the AFL tends to skip a beat on VPS server and...
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    Preferences Preferences Preferences

    Hello In Amibroker Tools->Preferences->Data tab reveals a setting that is very useful to manage the overall database. There is a check box that reads "Limit number of saved quotations". If you turn this param on and provide a valid number, say 25000, in the text box following it, Amibroker...
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    This thread is aimed at understanding one of the Amibroker's built in function LINREGSLOPE As most of you may already know, this is one of the standard function in many charting softwares and it returns either a single number or a numeric array. When I look at the help file, it tells me that...
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    Learning Gann Analysis for 60K

    I got a email from someone that had following. One of the person on this team has shared few calls and they had fared well. They also have option whereby you can subscribe to calls, but I never want that. Whats the Expert's advice on this?
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    Timeframe Optimisation

    Hello Experts I recently decided to explore the best suitable time frame for my AFL after I realized that the internal logic of it was heavily influenced by Timeframe. Instead of using preset timeframes, I experimented by using a loop to explore results for all timeframes Chart's...
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    ICICI Bank Credit Card

    Hello Anyone here using ICICI Bank credit card? Today, one marketing girl called me and told me that ICICI offers two free movie tickets per month to its credit card subscribers. When I asked her, how many tickets does that become on annual basis, she did not know the answer but had to go...
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    Amibroker COM function signature

    I want to pass Buy and Sell array from AFL to a COM object so I defined C# function as public void MarshalAsArray( [In, MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.I4)] UInt32 size, [In, Out, MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPArray, ArraySubType = UnmanagedType.R4, SizeParamIndex = 0)] float[] array ) { } I...
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    Priceless Info
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    Are we all being ripped off?

    Today, I got marketing email from State Bank for Demat account. Since I already have demat account with diff brokers, I was about to delete this email. But, before deleting, I accidentally read the last line.... There are no trading transactions in which I have not had to paid the stamp...
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    Dabba walah

    Has anyone ever done Dabba trading? Are those operators honest?
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    KILITCH DRUGS LTD 35% UP in 2 days

    In past two days, this scrip has jumped 35%. From open of 30.8 on Wed to close at high of 42.4 (Upper circuit hit) Breakout is with a very strong volume 27 NOV 274388 26 NOV 107932 25 NOV 19378 Average volume upto and as at 25 NOV was mere 22594 Neither dividend is announced nor is bonus...
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    Dodging After-effects of Corporate Actions

    While trading is definitely fun and I certainly look forward to bonus/dividends/rights etc, strictly from the technical analysis point of view, all of the corporate actions are equivalent of hurdles that companies create on daily basis to obfuscate the stock's chart and cause us to mis read the...
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    BSE 532500 and 632500

    Off late, few stocks in BSE price feed are appearing twice and it is very difficult to understand what is going on. In all instances, difference between scrip code is only in its first digit. In every single instance that I've found, difference is exactly 100000 for example, price feed that...