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    NIFTY 50 Future T R E N D S

    hello yall
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    #DAY/Positional trading/general chit chat corner# carry forward from the above thread here
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    ♫ j u s t c h i l l ♫

    Starting dis thread ,as d title suggests 2 chill yorself through fighting your stress,anxiety,rejections,fears,anger by dumping them here in d form of humour,funny,positive,motivating emotions. in d form of pictures,images n gifs. explore yourself,project yourself here d way u always wanted 2...
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    ~ n i f t y compass ~

    NF trend NEUTRAL range ~ 5888/6111 strting a new thread 2 catch all d moves fr all time periods. It wil have UP,DOWN & NEUTRAL=0 position
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    sudoku's B E A R hug

    vv carry on here from our previous thread
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    NIFTY 50 _bulls members entering here pls click on d abv link. hello friends, all & evrythng is welcome here..provided its widin forum rules.
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    NIFTY_ 50 future _ BULLS

    > members surfing dis thread for d 1st time shud read dis 1st post carefully. >dis thread will b suitable for POSITIONAL traders only. > d outlook , tgts , supports , res may change at any hour of d day. >as d name suggests, dis thread will focus more on bullish moves till d bull run...
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    target 5500/5555
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    sleeping SEBI

    HELLO FRIENDS>here i would showcase a stock which has created history in multiplying ,circuits (upper) WITHOUT A SINGLE negative close SINCE 6 TH JUNE 2008......right from the data available on the charting site of BSE till date ! from rs...
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    computer ARTISTICS...

    friends , under this thread if anyone has computer graphics can share it out... the ship with friends..... 11_____ ___,-"::::::::"=._,[email protected]___ \______________________/
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    Rumour Post On Halaal Street

    Indusind Bank is in the process of divesting /reducing promoters stake as per RBI mandate. Share may travel to Rs 100 mark on progress being made in this regard. Bank of Rajasthan is making preferential issue of 1 crore equity shares at not less than Rs 150 per share. This would reduce...
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    15th june > @ 17412 > BULLS ENTER

    grey mkt premiums Grey market is not witnessing much activity in view of present market volatility. The premiums on Monday at 3.30 PM are: Reliance Power Rs 42-43, Mundra Port Rs 235-240, Religare Rs 185-190, Varun Industries Rs 18-19, and Maytas Infra Rs 135-140.