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    different between crypto trading and forex trading?

    @ Hulu Girl You are correct that crypto trading and forex trading are similar. Crypto trading involves cryptocurrencies and forex trading involves currencies of different countries of the world.
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    @ lokanathpai Your planning seems to be a good one but we should always keep in mind that the market is never constant so strategies need to be revised accordingly.
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    Looking Good for the Short term

    @ biggles Bajaj Finserv, Wipro, and LT are doing quite well. I have these three and am going fine. Let us hope for the best.
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    Come into the Trader's Den

    @annu Yes, there is an official app of Traderji called “ Official App” that can be downloadable from the Play Store.
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    One can find a number of good software for option trading. The software is helpful in automatically finding the trading gaps in the market. It is difficult to term any of the software as the best since the criteria for judging the best varies from one person to another. So, it would be ideal to...
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    Nifty experts advice to Newcomers

    @Rdk2021 Welcome to the community! Gaining knowledge about the market and stocks is immensely important. With consistent trading, proper money management, and appropriate position sizing, you can achieve steady growth.
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    I am planning to buy advanced get in 10 days. Please help

    I personally have not used the metastock software so I would not be able to give proper feedback. One of my friends has used it and has given positive feedback in the past. I would suggest checking out a few more software, comparing their features and finally selecting one.
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    Will this stock turn back? Your take?

    Yes, the Adani Group seems to be the worst hit. The stock might turn back but not in the very near future. Let us wait to see when it turns back.
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    My Secret of Success

    Proper planning, discipline, and dedication are the three secrets of my success all of which have given me very good results.
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    PUT and CALL options

    My vote would be yes. I mostly trade options rather than anything else. I agree with @colombus that we should be sticking to option selling rather than option buying and trying with one lot would be a good idea.