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    ATR Trailer EA VertexFX

    Hello, I have converted the ATR Trailer Expert Adviser to VertexFX client side VTL Script. ATR Trailer is a client side VTL Expert Adviser. The EA opens a position when the EA is started on VertexFX client terminal. It then applies a stop loss based on ATR and ATR multiplier (default 3)...
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    Advanced ADX Indicator VertexFX

    Hello, I have converted the Advanced ADX Indicator to VertexFX client side VTL Script. Advanced ADX Indicator is a VTL client side script that provides better visual representation on ADX indicator. In traditional ADX Indicator, ADX indicates the trend strength and plus directional index...
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    AA+ Indicator VertexFX

    Hello, I have converted the AA+ indicator to VertexFX client side VTL Script. It is based on the alligator indicator. The AA+ indicator uses the alligator moving averages and price bars to find trend. It calculates the width between these moving averages and price bars, and quantifies...
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    One Cancels Other (OCO) Vertex Fx Expert Advisor

    Hello, I have created a OCO VTL Cliend script for vertex FX Terminal. One cancels other, OCO, is a set of 2 orders, a stop buy and a stop sell, and when one of these orders gets filled, the other order is cancelled automatically. This kind of orders are useful to open trades at important...
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    Kairi Indicator - VertexFX VTL Script

    Hello I have converted the Kairi indicator to VertexFX VTL Script. Hope this is useful to VertesFX terminal Users. Kairi Indicator is an oscillator like RSI showing overbought/oversold market condition. The indicator oscillates with 0 as midpoint. The Kairi indicator is...
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    XigXag - Vertex FX VTL Script

    Hello, This is the xigxag mq4 conveted to VTL The XigXag indicator can be used for Elliot wave studies to identify waves. Another usage is in pattern detection. Check the AB = CD pattern identified in the image. The retracement levels are measured with the Fibonacci tool...
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    ADX EA - Vertex FX VTL script

    Hello, This is an mql EA converted to VTL script for Vertex FX platform. The ADX EA is an Average Directional Movement Index based trading system. The rules of the EA are: 1. Buy when +DI cross above - DI or +DI cross above ADX. 2. Sell when -DI cross above +DI or -DI cross Above...
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    Triple EMA Corssover EA - VetrexFX VTL script

    Hello, This is converted version of mq4 EA based on EMA cross over. The three EMAs are short term EMA, medium term EMA and long term EMA. When the short term EMA is above medium term EMA and medium term EMA is above long term EMA, the EA opens a buy position. When the short term EMA is below...
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    PTSP CCI Alert - VertexFX VTL Script

    Hello, This is a CCI alerts Indicator of the VertexFX trading platform. The CCI can be used to identify a new trend or warn of extreme conditions. The VTL pop up alerts on the chart at critical CCI levels and plays a sound. The indicator plots green and red vertical bars in the indicator pane...
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    Vertex FX Expert Advisors

    Hello, This is few expert advisors for the Vertex FX plat form, written in VTL script language Hope it is useful to any Vetex FX platform users. ADX EA, Triple Ma crossover EA, PTSP CCI Alert Regards
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    Day Trading System - Basic afl for customization an Implementation

    Here is the basic code for implementing a day trading system based on a setup in one of my older thread about one and and a half years back. This is not a full implementation of the system but it is a starting point for developing the system. This code as it is presented here is very...
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    Nifty Future Day Trading System with 100% return on 30/40 trades a year.

    About one and a half year ago, I opened a thread on a simple day trading strategy. Later I coded a trading system with adapted idea from that setup and this system trades Nifty and Bank Nifty futures only. what is interesting is this automated system makes 100% + on a trading account of 30000...
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    Simple Day Trading Strategy - Seems well working

    This strategy I found in blog and tested reltime for a few days and also back tested in chart. Seems very Good. Today traded TCS with this setup. The setup is too simple to believe it works with around 80% win rate and risk reward 2. See the chart below First bar of today is Long white...
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    Live NIFTY Intraday Journal

    Hello All This is another day trading journal. All trades are planned before market open at certain levels. The levels to execute trades are posted before market open.
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    Day Trading Journal - Value Zones

    Hi, The trades are based on levels where I expect demand supply imbalance may occur. They can act as support/resistance levels. Here is a nifty chart marked with some levels for today.
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    Vzlue Zone's Trading Journal

    Hi, My aim is to journal my trades and validate the strategy I am using. Basically it is based on levels where I expect the demand supply equilibrium may change in favor of one side, ie demand exceeds supply or vice versa. Every new week I post levels for the week and expected bias. It is a...