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    Delhi-NCR Forex Traders

    Hi, Do we have any Delhi-NCR Forex Traders here at TJ? If yes, lets join hands together to have fruitful discussions. Thanks, Sanjoy
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    Trading Software ki Query

    Bhailogon, whts is ACE, IRIS and Bazaindicators? Thanks, Sanjoy
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    Help Needed on Reliance Demerger

    Hi All, I need some update on Reliance Demerger. What does the RIL shareholder get? I am quoting the following from a article posted in Rediff. Now My concerns are following (I had 18 RIL shares prior to demerger): 1. How many shares should I have now (I recieved 18 shares of...
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    Buy & Sell Calls

    Hi Guys, I will try and put buy or sell calls on the stocks of NSE based on 3 indicators namely MACD, Parabolic SAR and Stochastic. I want seniors to comment on my calls. I want ppl to do paper trading with the calls for sometime before putting actual money. Regards, Sanjoy
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    Volume Play!!!

    Hi Saint/ Amit/ Traderji and others, Had a query on volume play.Would appreciate ur response. I would like to know as to what kind of dynamics are on play in the follwoing four scenarios. Kindly explain on the basis as to when are Players buying and selling and when are the Retailers...