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    Symphony Presto discussion

    Hi all, Since Symphony's presto platform doesnot have a dedicated thread here, I decided to make one as I am using their automated services for quite some time now. The purpose of this thread is to : 1. Discuss new developments that can be made 2. Current problems being faced by clients...
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    Traders in chandigarh !

    Hi all, Are there any traders from chandigarh here, in this forum. If so, we can plan a meet. Thanks, MT
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    My algo trading daily performance

    Hi all, In this thread I would be posting my daily performance as per my algo. The sole purpose is to keep analyzing the output of the algo and improving it further. Thanks, MT
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    hello all

    Hi all fellow traders, Just came across this forum while searching on the internet, been glued to it since morning. I have been trading the futures markets for 2 years now. I trade on mechanical systems. Its great to see so many of fellow traders here who are in sailing in the same boat...