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    20% ROI per month on captial above 1 Cr possible?

    Friends, Is it possible to make 20% per month on avarage basis with capital above 1 crore in trading ( without gambling, means no F&O)
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    First 15 Minute OHLC data for NIFTY 50 Stocks

    Hello friends. Can any kind hearted person hep me out by providing first 15 minute OHLC data of Nifty 50 stocks for a period of 12- 24 months? Manu thanks in advance
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    Help needed - backtesting of stock selection

    Hi Can anyone please help me out to find out stock selections for below mentioned conditions Time period Apr 18 to Mar 19 Stocks pool - nifty 200 stocks 1st condition is stock open above previous day high. 2nd condition is first 5 min candle is green and second 5 min candle is red. Thanks...
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    Trading Diary for WTI Crude Oil

    Hi I intend to keep trading diary for WTI Crude oil...mostly lively update it here..its only DIARY so don't expect to learn from this thread.. for learning lot of threads are available in TJ.. will trade from 9 AM to 5 PM only ( IST) Trade 1 today pending sell limit order placed at 53.29 with...
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    BNF -Option Trading - Intraday

    hi anybody has experience in using BO (Bracket order) for buying options ? if we are using BO, will we get same leverage of 5 times for options also ??
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    Single account for equity and commodity trading
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    Nifty to bottom out at is WHY??

    Fibonacci Retracement and Extension for strongly trending instruments.. As Nifty 50 is in strong uptrend on Monthly charts, below are data's which shows how Nifty is respecting its 38.2% to 50% retracements from 2008. Trading idea using this retracements are buy @ 38.2% with SL below 50%..or...
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    Forward testing of NF and BNF trades - Trading Dairy

    As i am trading only with MCX for past few years, same system i am trying to implement in NSE too...i didn't backtested it for NSE..but going for forward testing here in this thread as trading diary.. its kind of demo trading........ Will do it for next 2 months to see results...... System is...
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    Options in MCX - Beginng of New Era for Commodity Trader

    Received a mail from my broker Traderjini saying that MCX allowed now to trade in option contracts To start with, they are allowing option contracts in GOLD contracts...
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    Stocks trading status in NSE/BSE

    Guys, can anyone please help me to know trading status of below mentioned of my friend's father invested in these stocks, but now he is getting message " STOCK NOT TRADED IN SELECT EXCHNAGE . PLEASE CHECK THE EXCHNAGE SELECTED OR REFER TO THE STOCK LIST" SATCOM RELENE RELNAT
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    20k to 20L..Crude oil trading dairy - PART I In continuation with above thread, here is trading dairy - PART 1. Starting capital - Rs 20,000. No of lots - 1 lot (100 Barrel) Target - 200 points.. Time frame - Open//
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    Rs 20k to 20 L 12 months time..

    Good Morning All, As we have seen many such threads like our title says, here one main different thing that i am going to try is I am going to trade with any 5 peoples who willing to take risk , to achieve these target,. If they are in loss, then i will give them money that they...
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    Itl - samco

    Guys, Wish me good luck as I am entering into ITL on 27th Jan'16 onwards.. I opened account only for commodity and trading only CRUDEOIL.. P.S I hope many here in TJ are participating in ITL but not reveling here as there is a fear of losing or something else...
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    Bracket order for MCX trading

    hi all I would like to know who is offering bracket order for MCX trading... anybody has answer, please let me know
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    Suggest me top 5 stocks future to day trade

    dear all, as i am trading (or trying to trade) NSE stock futures...i fell that there are some loop holes in selection of STOCK FUTURES out of NIFTY 50 STOCKS..... so can somebody through top 5 picks choice of yours considering below facts Its stickily for intraday
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    Time pass trading with NIFTY 50 Stock futures

    Hello all.. i would use this place to register my time pass trading with NIFTY 50 stock futures... for today (13th Aug'14) i will look for LONG in below stocks... TATA MOTORS BANKBARADA AUROPHARAMA HDFC ONGC SHORT in below stocks RELCAPTIAL RELINFRA SSLT DLF out of 9...
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    Commodity positional trading

    hi all, With reference to my proposal for NF trading in this thread actually i had planned to stop commodity trading due to some reasons and looked for NF call providers due to full time job..but i didn't succeed in...
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    Nifty Future Trading challange

    hello everyone.. Here is my proposal in NF trading ... I will trade 10 lots with proper MM.. Is there anyone who can give buy/sell advice on intraday basis.. ..Deal is NF 150 points per 20 trading days is mine , rest of points whatever you earn is yours (out of same 20 trading...
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    NSE F&O Expiry day gambling - FY 2014-15

    As title says, i am going for a gambling for next one year. As its pure gambling, money i am going to invest is at full risk and i already forget this money... Investment is Rs 100000.. I am going to divide by 10 i,e Rs 10000.. from this Month I am going to risk rs 10000 in every...
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    To so called moderators

    Hi i want to ask moderators/supper moderators.. is this site only for money making purpose ..??? its everyone konws that Tamil Trader is here for getting client for indhuonline trading..even i/we dont bother about it ... but why no support rendered to genuine traders and trying to help...