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    Which moving averages do you use in your trading systems?

    Almost everyone of us uses moving averages. But there's always a confusion as to what MA to use for short, medium or long term. So which one of these do you use? As only 10 options can provided for a poll in Traderji, remaining options are in the other thread. Don't forget to check that thread.
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    What is wrong with banks in India?

    Few weeks back during the crisis everyone was talking about banking system in our country.Some were saying they had too many NPAs. I was all baffled with this talk as I could not understand what was wrong with our banks because of my little knowledge of finance. What is really wrong with our...
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    What taxes and charges does your broker deducts from your earnings on equities?

    I have an account with Karvy and place all orders myself and they are charging me following: Service Tax STT Transaction Charges NSE Handling and other charges Sebi Tax Stamp Duty Brokerage What about your broker? Does your broker charge you same? Especially, Stamp Duty and...