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    The Autopsy Indicator

    I've been spamming around for a while now and realized I haven't posted anything useful in the last few months. So here it goes! This is one for those who'd like to do post-mortem with their study and play around with it manually. It plots the important but basic trade statistics as an...
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    Anatomy of a Trailing Stop Loss

    Looking forward to your feedback
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    The Call Your Bottom Contest

    Ok, if and when the markets start to rise again in a sustained manner, there will be a lot of guys shouting, "Hey look you mortals, I picked the bottom with my astrology, vaasthu, gann (or similar stuff)...kiss my foot and worship me! I'm a genius" etc. This thread is to test all those guys who...
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    Making ODIN Password Last For a Longer While

    It's pretty annoying to change the ODIN password every 15 days. Is there any way to make them last for longer? In the older versions, I remember there used to be a method via tweaking registry settings in regedit. Can this still be done?
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    Sector Rotation

    Shall be posting the 3 best and worst performing sectors out of the following. 1) Aluminum 2) Auto 3) Auto Ancillary 4) PSU Banks 5) Pvt sector Banks 6) Cables 7) Cements 8) Civil construction 9) Computer Hardware 10) Real estate 11) Engineering 12) Fertilizers 13) FMCG 14) Hotels 15) Media 16)...
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    Test Your IQ Good luck!
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    The Earnings Propaganda - Niederhoffer

    The succeeding quote is taken from Niderhoffer's Practical Speculation. Looking for your opinion.
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    Genesis Revisited: A Scientific Creation Story

    I found this article by Micheal Shermer while surfing the net. No religious motives intended. Creation science Vs Evolution Science To the Citizens of Kansas (along with those from Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, and a dozen other states contemplating the teaching of Intelligent Design creationism...
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    Trades and Profitability

    Are the number of trades and the profitably related? Just ran a test on 10,000 bars of Dow Data on 90 commercial systems and found a pattern. I should place the probability of such a pattern being triggered by random factors is 1:infinity (subjective). Inference: No of trades in a poor system...
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    Determining the probability of your option position being profitable

    Probabilities are hard to define and quantify and hence subjective nature of the elements cannot be completely eliminated. I go with the assumption that the variables follow a normal distribution. I shall take a simple linear payoff model to explain what I've understood :- Writing a naked call...
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    Beyond Ratios - Du Pont Way of Studying Interrelationships

    Quite often, people have the tendency of getting struck with a few famous ratios like PE, ROE and EPS and treating their growth rate as some fuzzy numbers rather than trying to identify interrelationships and their causes. I open this thread to try understand and learn the same. I request those...
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    Is trend your friend?

    eh, I don't believe so, atleast, not from my backtesting experiments. Posting the equity curve trend following system (blue) and equity curve for buy-hold (red). This is the best rule I had and it's gone for a sixer in the long run (with reasonable slippages, without brokerage!!). This process...
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    Does anyone use metastock for Real Time trading?

    Hi, does anyone use metastock for trading real time data? I require some help, though I'm prevented from posting the nature of help. Shall be obliged if you can help me. Thank you.
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    It's not exactly a pure stock forum but has quite a bit to do with personal finance and arm chair economics. A lot of very good content is posted.
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    Price movements in the same direction?

    Ever since I started to trade, I used to wonder if the price movements in one direction increased the probability of price moving in the same direction the next day? With the help of computers, I was finally able to test this. Data used: Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1897 - Daily data...
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    Fun stuff : How much do you love your girlfriend?
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    Why is this section ignored??

    amazing!! This is the 1st time I'm peeking into this section which contains threads with prehistorical posts. Does no one believe in fundamentals or is no one competent to do fundamental analysis of stocks? Even in the threads that were already present, they stressed on the usual ratio analysis...
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    Reduction of risk using futures trading

    Aim: To reduce risk of the portfolio using futures trading. Assumptions: ---> The trading system used thrives on diversification to work. ---> The lot sizes traded in cash is equal to that of futures (or the capital invested is big enough to achieve diversification in the "value of futures...
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    Which makes a better system?

    I seek some assistance in system development. I've enclosed 2 systems tested over 6years of data on 30BSE stocks and Sensex. Both use 12.5% of equity per trade. The first one is with initial stop loss and the 2nd one has no stop (it uses a system exit). Which do you think would a better system?
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    Better coding in metastock

    Most people who start off with metastock language tend to clutter their indicators and experts which make them really difficult to alter. A good example would be a ,say, MACD crossover (I use MACD as an example here because most would be familier with it). This is how beginners code their...