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    ICICIDIRECT charges of 0.05 per share from July, 2012 and Option Charges of Rs.95.00

    Hi Guys, It is time to move from to other brokers who offer less brokerages. ICICIDirect is now charging Rs.95.00 per option purchased since June 01, 2012 ICICIDirect is going to charge Rs.0.05 per share for all those shares which are below Rs.10.00 from July 2012 onwards...
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    Best Stocks for Futures Trading

    Would like to know which are the best stocks for Futures Trading
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    Sanraa Media - Is it worth investing

    Hi, Sanraa Media is hitting the upper circuit for the last 2 days. Please advise how this company is, is it advisable to invest at this level and how much it will go up
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    ICICIDIRECT advance against Stock

    Hi, Anyone using and have availed there offer 50% funds against Securities Pledge. Please advise. How it works and how much interest they charge on a daily basis. Regards,
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    Do not join icicidirect

    Today I did a nifty futures and guess what when I tried to log in at 2.30 pm Though I was able to log into the site, the site did not allow me to get into the FUTURES AND OPTIONS BUY AND SELL SECTION. The following message was given "Your request cannot be completed. Please try after...
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    ICICIDirect Website not working on 05/11/10 during Muharrat Session

    ICICIDirect Users, Today when i wanted to do muharrat trading, i found that I could not log on to ICICIDirect Website for more than 40 minutes. Initially between 6.00 pm to 6.30 pm, the site took a hell lot of a time to open and then also i could not trade since any click on any button took...
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    OPT Nifty

    Hi, I had this following NIFTY buy and it expired today, please let me know how the broker will account and this is even show in the open position. OPT-NIFTY-28-Oct-2010-6400-CE Buy 100 0 0 0 0.05 Square Off 0.00 0 %
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    Chat Room

    Hi, I am not able to find where Chat Room is? Is it available for all users? Please advise how to find the Chat Room in Traderji. Appreciate your help. Regards,
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    ICICI Problem

    Hi, Has anyone faced this pecular problem with ICICI Direct due to ICICIDirect, allowing only mutiples of 5 paise for stock purchase. Today, i decided to sell a script at 2.33 but the ICICIDirect site states that i have to put the price in multiples of 5 paise hence 2.33 price not accepted...
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    Kindly advise which Put Option should I buy

    Hi, The Spot is currently 5,996.40, which PUT OPTION should I buy if I expect the market will go down by at least 500-600 points before November, 2010. UnderLying Product Symbol Expiry Date Strike Price Lot Size LTP Option Type Action NIFTY OPTIDX 30-Sep-2010 4,000.00 50 0.20 Put Get...
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    Ex-Date and Record Date

    Seniors, What is the meaning of Ex-Date and meaning of Record Date. For a stock Ex-Date is 29-Sep-2010(Wednesday) and Record Date is 01-Oct-2010(Friday) for the Bonus Issue. If I sell the stock on 28-Sep-2010 in the evening will I be eligible for the Bonus Shares or should I sell it on...
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    Query on Nifty Put

    Seniors, Would like to know the following: Suppose I buy NIFTY 50 PUT at a Strike Price of Rs.5500 at a premium of 16.50. Expiry is 30th September, 2010. The spot price is Rs.5717.85. I assume my breakeven will be Rs.5500 - 16.50 = Rs.5483.50. So for me to breakeven, the spot should be...
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    Options Basics & Advanced by NSE

    First of all would like to thank all of you who have contributed to my learning of Option Basics and hope that in future also new learners like me get a helping hand in understanding the intracacies of the stock market and derivatives. My learning of Options Basics has prompted me study more...
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    Need help in understanding BSE Announcement

    Hi, I need help in understanding the following: GANON TRADING FINANCE CO.LTD is shown in the BSE as suspended due to penal reason and hence it is not traded but at the same time BSE has made an announcement as follows: QUOTE Ganon Trading & Finance Company Ltd has informed BSE that the...
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    TRAI Complaint Email ID

    Does anyone have the TRAI Complaint Email id?
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    Options Trading Doubts - Basics

    Though I have gone through few articles on basics, i got an ICICI Direct basics on Options. Would like some clarification on certain things i cannot understand. Please note that the following is taken from ICICI Direct Option Tuturial Example of a Call Option CE Assuming that currently...
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    New to Options Trading

    Hi, I am new to Options Trading, though I know the basics in terms of Options Calls and Put, practically i believe it is very different. Those who have done Nifty Options Trading or Nifty Stock Options could you please help me out by giving a practical case in NSE or if there is a link...
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    Purchase of Birla Cotsyn through India Infoline

    Hi, One of my friend has purchased Birla Cotsyn at 1.35 x 1000 quantity. India Infoline has charged him Rs.50.00 as brokerage on the basis that the rate for Trade to Trade Stock is Rs.0.05 per share. Please advise if the broker is right to charged Rs.50.00 on 1000 Quantity.
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    Maximum Brokerage Charges as stipulated by SEBI

    Hi, The maximum brok.charges allowed by sebi is 2.5%. No broker can charge more than this. Yet we find that brokerages charge more than 2.5% for Penny Stocks and Trade to Trade Stocks and Z Category Stocks. Assuming that I purchase X Stock at Rs.20/- and the quantity purchased is 10000/-...
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    SmallCap of BSE and NSE Derivatives List

    I am looking for the link of BSE Smallcap and NSE Smallcap in order to do derivatives trading but am not able to locate the list in either BSE or NSE site, can somebody post the link here