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  1. bunny

    Stocks that are in uptrend but never talked about in news or by brokers

    Hello, Those of us who have been around in the market for some time may have realized how news channels, analysts appearing on TV channels, newspapers, newsletters, picks, tips, etc. from our stock brokers are continuously trying to influence our choice of which scrips to buy. But there...
  2. bunny

    Current trading with Volume Spread Analysis

    Information about Volume Spread Analysis(VSA) can be read here and elsewhere on the internet. There is not much material to read. Resources are only scanty. But I have chosen this method for reasons best known to me. Here I make discuss how a chart looks to me. To avoid overloading, I will...
  3. bunny

    Thread started only journals

    Hi admin, Can we please have a section where such threads can be started in which only the thread starters can post. My idea is that of having a pernal journal so that we can follow up our analysis without distraction and interference from tipsters, trolls, other people who post offtopic...
  4. bunny

    Random stock commentary

    I will post my comments on random stocks. Not sure if I will be able to follow-up all my comments on a regular or daily basis. "Just saying".
  5. bunny

    My NIFTY index commentary

    I will be posting my comments on price action of NIFTY index here.
  6. bunny

    My USDINR commentary

    In this thread, I will be posting for commentary on the USD/INR pair. Price points mentioned in this thread will be that of the future nearest contract on NSE.
  7. bunny

    Test my skill - post any chart and check my buy/sell decision making skills

    Guys, I have been trying to learn an unique approach called "Volume Spread Analysis" or VSA to analyse the price action. I started learning VSA back in 2010. Now I have begun trading my account with real money based on my VSA analysis. However, I wish to better my skills and therefore request...
  8. bunny

    Is the NSE/BSE market working tomorrow?

    Someone told me that Cash and FNO markets will be working tomorrow from 11:15 AM to 12:45 Noon. It that correct?
  9. bunny

    Trading CNX 100 stocks with Volume Spread Analysis

    I will analyzing and posting my opinions on CNX 100 stocks of the NSE. I may or not trade my account as per my analysis. As of today, the following stocks are included in the CNX 100 list. ACC , ADANIENT , ADANIPORTS , ABIRLANUVO , AMBUJACEM , APOLLOHOSP , ASHOKLEY , ASIANPAINT , AXISBANK...
  10. bunny

    Bunny paper trading

    This thread is only for my record keeping of what I think on a particular scrip. Do not mistake me for a tipster, punter, professional, etc. Lupin -18.4.2013 - Rs. 670.80 - BUY and HOLD - no target at the moment. ITC - 18.4.2013 - Rs 315.30 - BUY and HOLD - no target at the moment.
  11. bunny

    Scrips trading near all-time or 52 year high or lows?

    Hi guys, I want to know which sites gives information about scrips trading at all time or 52 week high or low.
  12. bunny

    Trading NIFTY with Volume Spread Analysis

    Hello, I am bunny. I had been inactive for the last 18 months or so. However, today I wish to resume my chart analysis. I am not a fan of TA or FA, simply. Back in 2010, this method called Volume Spread Analysis(VSA) had caught my attention. I had tried trading charts with it back then...
  13. bunny

    Hidden Forces in Financial Markets!

    Ask him how much money he makes in stock and selling books.
  14. bunny

    Requesting you to help me test my skill

    Hello guys, I have worked out a strategy which I think stands a chance. But the problem with this strategy is that it cannot be coded into AFL, atleast by me. Hence, backtesting is ruled out. Therefore, I request all TJ members to blind-fold me and help me. Here is how you can help: Post any...
  15. bunny

    What is cooking up with FCS SOFTWARE LTD (NSE: FCSSOFT, BSE: 532666)

    Anyone know whats happening to this scrip? It just going on sinking as if there it were being sucked into vacuum. What makes me suspicious is that in the last 20 - 30 days, there is a marked increase in the volumes. I understand that the promoters have pledged around half of the...
  16. bunny

    Need fundamental views on ROHITFERRO (Rohit Ferro-Tech Ltd.)

    Hi guyz, I am neither a TA nor a FA guy. I have some idea about TA. I would like to know about fundamentals of this company. PS: I hold this stock. Thanks. :thumb:
  17. bunny

    Has anil ambani failed his shareholders?

    Does anyone else here feel that anil ambani is a 'loser'. I mean, he is not as magnificent as his Father in taking care of his share price. I read somewhere that his Father used to buy the shares from the stock market to prevent the price from falling on such occasions. Doesn't he have friendly...
  18. bunny

    Is the volume of block deals/bulk deals added to EOD data?

    Hi guys, Please let me know if volume of block deals and bulk deals is added to the EOD data? For ex: If there is a block deal in RELIANCE counter(NSE) of 10 lac shares, and no of shares traded in open market is 5 lacs, will the EOD volume be reported as 15 lacs or 5 lacs in the NSE EOD...
  19. bunny

    Trading with FLAW system

    Hi Guys, We all have been wrong with our analysis at some point of time, and correct at other times. It is difficult to be always right. And I am finding it difficult to to be correct even upto a moderate proportion. More often than not, I have been grossly incorrect in taking my positions...
  20. bunny

    Major NSE stocks classified as per industry or sector

    Date: 20 Feb 2010 This csv file contains list of companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.) along with their industry allocation. Data format: NSE_TICKER_SYMBOL,FULL_COMPANY_NAME,NSE_INDUSTRY Only those stocks which are part of IISL...