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  1. SwingKing

    Trading Systems Using Technical Analysis

    Purpose of this thread I am starting this new thread where I will help users of Traderji to build robust systems in the markets. I have got many requests to start a similar thread and hence now I feel I can devote some reasonable time to start a thread in this domain. What to expect Please...
  2. SwingKing

    Celebrating 6 Years of was established in June 2004. Ever since its inception, it has been a source of education, inspiration and dedication for numerous number of Investors and Traders. If there is anything which cannot be quantified then it has to be the contribution and the value addition this forum...
  3. SwingKing

    Nifty: Daily Price Analysis

    Markets behaved on expected lines today and confirmed the potential bearishness present in the system. Today, markets formed a harami pattern (and a tweezers top spinning top) formation. This comes at a very stiff resistance level of 5360 5400. Two dojis formed three sessions earlier were...
  4. SwingKing

    Shorting a stock without futures

    Guys, lets say I need to short a stock (in the equities market and not in futures market). I can short sell a stock in intraday. But what If I have to short a stock which is not in my DP? Can I carry the position going forward? This is allowed in the US. But I have no clue how it works here...
  5. SwingKing

    Swing trading the Traditional Way

    Am starting this new thread on Swing Trading. This thread is different as I won't be using any 'System' to pick trades. Most of the trades mentioned here are based on old school Technical Analysis. System trading has become quite popular, but I still feel there are many factors which cannot be...
  6. SwingKing

    Moving average envelopes and Bands

    Does anyone know the difference between Moving Average Envelopes and Bands (Bollinger/Percent). And where is the Moving average envelope indicator in amibroker ??? Tc.
  7. SwingKing

    Legality of Forex Trading in India

    I wanted to know whether Forex Trading is legal in India. There has been lot of discussion about this but there is no definitive answer. Can anyone shed some light on this. Question If someone open's up an account with Onada, Fxpro or forex4you, is it legally allowed ? findvikas...
  8. SwingKing

    'Discussion Thread' - Systematic approach to Fundamental Analysis

    This is the discussion thread for all the post that will be posted in the original thread. Kindly use only this thread to post your queries or doubts. Tc
  9. SwingKing

    Systematic Approach to Fundamental Analysis

    I am starting this new thread where I will teach how to value shares based on their fundamentals. I think most of the traders are Technical Traders here and few base their investment decision based on fundamental approach. However, I personally feel that some of the best investments come your...
  10. SwingKing

    Plotting Help

    Let's say if we have a condition , A = Ref(HHV(Close, 15), -1); // Highest close in past 15 days leaving aside today's day. Can some one help me with marking A's value on the chart as '1' ??
  11. SwingKing

    Traderji's posts on Other Forums

    I am a member of some trading forums and I was disgusted to see some of the AFL's posted here on other forums. This is just so horrible. Some of the member's relentlessly post things here for others to learn. This DOES not mean that the so called 'non contributors' will just copy stuff from...
  12. SwingKing

    Insight into why the NIFTY is probably heading down

    I feel markets are headed down in the shorter term. And here's why. 1. Ascending Triangle 1 - Markets had formed an ascending triangle from June to September and eventually broke out from it to rally to new intermediate highs. During this formation, the momentum and strength of the market was...
  13. SwingKing

    help on AFL for plotting range of the entire day

    I was looking for an AFL which would automatically plot a horizontal range on the highest and lowest point on intraday basis ... Can anyone help on this ... Req: 1) Will be using a 5-min chart 2) Want horizontal line plotted on the price chart (0955 - 1530) at the highest and lowest point...
  14. SwingKing

    Trading Strategies Using Technical Analysis

    I am starting this new thread where I'll be providing trading strategies using Technical Analysis. In this thread I'll post strategies for Indian Stock Industry. Over the period of time I will provide the AFL's for the same. The best way to use this thread is to Understand and Master only One...
  15. SwingKing

    My Stock Watchlist

    Risk - 4% of Equity Available Scrips 1. Axis Bank - SL 900 2. Yes Bank - 240 (Strongest Scrip on Chart) 3. Nagarjuna Construction - SL 148 4. Sterlite Industries - SL 750 5. Tata Steel - SL 490 6. Hindustan Construction - SL 127, 120 7. IDFC - 150 8. IVRCL Infrastructure - SL 340...
  16. SwingKing

    Swing Trade - Wipro

    Swing Trade - GVK Power and Infra GVK is currently trading at 48.10. Buy futures / stocks as per your risk profile. Bound to make an up move in coming sessions. Keep stop loss of 47