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    Parameters for deciding Shortterm/Medium term

    Hi, I have shortlisted the shares i want to trade in. I need help in deciding for the factors which says which share is for long term/short term/ medium term. One parameter i thought of is that short term stock can be the share whose volatility is more. I may be wrong but pls help. Thanks...
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    Piramal Healthcare

    Hi Friends, With the news of Piramal Healthcare of a good rise in profit and also 16,000Cr inflow by sale to abbot it seems to be a good profit in shares. Which also shows that the price can go near about 700 with these figures. But with the news of buyback of price 600 where do you see...
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    AMIBroker Data Help

    Hi, I have just installed AMIBroker and I am very new to it and i need your help. - How can i get all the BSE/NSE scripts in AMIBroker - How can i check if my AMIBroker support real time quotes and updation - How to do back testing
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    Factors for fundamental analysis.

    Hi, I am new to trading and want to trade for medium/long term using fundamental analysis. What all points should i consider before making an investment in a stock using fundamental analysis parameters like : P/E,Market Ratio, Assets,Liabilities and so on. I have just understood that there...
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    SpiceJet - Good or bad option?

    Hi, I have recently bought Spice jet,they are starting up with the international trips starting 9 oct 2010. How does the stock sound. Also the stock went upto 81.80 today and came down to 77.15 after the market had got down around -251(-1.23%), but the stock was still in profit around...
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    Best market screener available

    Hi, Is there any free marker screener available? Please provide the links. Thanks in advance.
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    Cant find Bharti Airtel NSE code.

    Hi, I am unable to find Bharti Airtel NSE code , Gujrat Sidhee Cement on Yahoo finance. Please help.
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    Portfolio Management Software.

    Hi, I am planning to develop a portfolio management software which could manage your multiple portfolio, which would include your Delivery based model as well as Intraday. You will be able to manage multiple portfolio in it. Also it will have multiple reports based on daily...
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    Opinion Required. [Intraday Charting]

    Hi, There are hundreds of indicators available in market either free or paid. Please share your personal opinion on what are the best strategy/indicators for intra-day charts. Also if you have any link/video/pdf or any other document which you can share and help others, then kindly post it...
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    understanding technical analysis.

    Hi, I am a beginner, and trying to understand the charting and some technical analysis stuff. I am confused about how to understand candle stick in strategies/indicators To start up with I have selected 3 indicators : MACD & SMS & EMA. Please tell me how to understand these strategies...
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    Common shares between NSE/NASDAQ/DOW/SGX

    Hi, Is there any site which provide the common stocks between US/INDIA/SINGAPORE/CHINA market. Also if there is any site which provide comparative study of these markets. Thanks in Advance.
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    Pairs trading

    Hi, If you have and excel sheet for analysis or software for pairs trading then kindly send it to me. I will be really greatful.
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    AmiBroker NSE BSE Cash F&O

    Hi, I just downloaded AmiBroker 30 day trial but vant see NSE/BSe CashF&O Scripts. Is there any other software reqired for it. Please help.
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    Learning arbitrage trading

    Hi, I want to learn arbitrage trading. Please provide some sites which provide some good information or notes. Thanks.
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    Investment Analysis help required.

    HI, I want to invest in top shares of Nifty say Nifty 50, Now what should be my approach or analysis mythologies to invest in those companies. Or may be what parameters should i look in for investing. Also is there any list available for download in which the ranking is done on each...
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    Hi, I have been assigned a couple of tasks for which i need some help. 1. Please provide a link where in i can have a list of all the companies Sector Wise. 2. I also need a link where I can check the company details. 3. Then i need to select top companies in each sector. And rate...
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    Confusion in SOftware

    Hi, I am planning to buy a analysis software. I need all NSE,BSE,F&O,Cash... etc. I am confused between TickerPlant, Falcon. Please suggest the benfits of each. Thanks in advance.