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    Depository vs Depository Participant

    Depository is where your holdings are stored and DPs are members of these depositories usually brokers We have 2 depositories in India CDSL and NSDL
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    How is demand curve line be defined in the given market price graph?

    I think the broker will not able to find the exact matches as those 5 shares will never be set to supplied value and. Market will reach to its equilibrium automatically at 3000 for 6 shares as per the graphics.
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    Is Daytrading dangerous?

    I am confused whether to start with technical or fundamental analysis on a stock .. how to choose that
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    New to this forum

    Thanks all, that is really very helpful information.
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    Sources for fundamental analysis

    Hi traders, please share some ideas how should I begin fundamental analysis on stocks . Is there any website ? Or whatelse
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    New to this forum

    oh that means this thing will take time. Please tell me what stocks should we choose for paper trading. And on how much stocks should we practice. 5 or 10 ..
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    New to this forum

    Hi, thanks alot. I want to know for how long should we practice paper trading if we want to switch to the live market ?
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    New to this forum

    Hi all, i have heard about this forum from my friend. He told me that if you have any doubts or to share an idea you can take help of TJ. So I hope you all will help in building this thread more informative and enjoyable.