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    Trading 40 Lakhs for good profits.......Simple strategy!

    On 31st July....Bought several lots of 8700 PE September at 260/- :thumb: Easy profits soon to come! :) Holding position and relaxing....
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    Option Bets that bring 500% or more!

    This thread is aimed ONLY at those CE/PE Options that have potential to generate more than 500% returns. Of course it is RISKY but long/medium term bets :thumb: Time limit not assured but returns would be 500% or more! I'm NOT giving recommendations....just investing these bets! ;)
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    How to invest 40 lakhs in equity & FnO and profit

    My very old thread got closed without any reason. I just believe in trading and love it. Opening this new thread to continue my posts as always. I love FnO more than equity :thumb: Back to short-selling Options coz it suits me better and I love the profits rolling in! Currently I have...
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    Real-time Commodities trades to profit!

    Today....Wednesday! Bought on margin, 1000 quantity of GoldPetal at 2613/- and will profit-book at 2620 or higher :thumb: No SL entered....but keeping mental SLs :)
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    How to invest 40 lakhs in equity, FnO, commodities etc. Part 2

    Trying for NHPC on coming Monday should work well is what I feel :thumb: This week looks pretty confusing, hence sticking to my current positions and doing INTRADAY whenever I feel like :)
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    The best Leverage....nice!

    Since there are holidays for 4 days starting Thursday 5th April.... While relaxing I decided to check out the Forex scene people keep talking about! I thought it was similar to the Currency Futures with INR as base currency, but this is something much more spicy ;) And guess what, I got a...
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    How to invest 40 lakhs in equity, FnO, commodities etc.

    I love trading and I enjoy it immensely. I'm getting better at it though.... and currently I have an investible capital of 40 Lakhs that I wish to invest or trade.... I wish to have a regular side-income with profits, with this capital. Of course this is excluding my regular income I...